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 May, 4 2007

A journal for discussion of the story "Reconciliation."


Just what the hook says. I will try actually to reply to any comments in this journal.

Good morning, Imhiriel!

There were a couple of points in Chapter 8 where I couldn't come up with a logical explanation:

I'm glad it was those points, rather than some others, actually. But to reply to them...

Why did Elethil take his books and other things with him if he should want to commit suicide?

Why did he take one of the spare horses? Wouldn't that make him more "beholden" than if he had taken his own?

I'll go back and alter this, since I realize that it isn't very clear: the trunk is not with Elethil. It's been left in his room and Peloren suspects most of what Elethil owns has been packed into it, but he can't know that with certainty since the trunk is the one item esquires own that actually locks. If Elethil were simply running away, he'd take some things with him, but Peloren has the feeling that his friend has simply put everything away into the trunk and then left it all behind.

As for the spare horse bit, there's a question of "beholden to whom?" Elethil doesn't tell Berendil that, and Berendil doesn't ask. The esquires don't have the means to answer that question - what they know is simply that this is not normal behavior, that Elethil has been gone for hours and no one knows where he is, and that Peloren, who ought to know Elethil if anyone does, is convinced his friend is at risk of killing himself. Thanks to the gossip line, everyone can imagine it must be because of "the incident" (whatever version they heard) between Elethil and Andrahar. For Peloren, it's that, plus a gut feeling, based on what he's seen and his own knowledge of just what the two of them have been through lately. He's too afraid not to act on that feeling, but he's also hoping he is wrong because he can't think otherwise, and so is not thinking very clearly, period.

As for the others, I think Andrahar at least, for reasons of his own sense of this sort of thing in Harad, is pretty well convinced at this point that it's too late for Elethil, but he isn't going to say this out loud in front of Peloren until they are presented with a body. On that point, I think everyone is more or less silently agreed.

Why does Andrahar not know if there is another village in the vicinity? Shouldn't they know the geography of Belfalas, especially if the village is so close to Dol Amroth? And if he doesn't, why doesn't Imrahil at least? Why do they have to rely on Peloren's spotty knowledge?

Point to consider, though it's worth noting that even Aragorn doesn't know *every* patch of Eriador (Troll Shaws, but also bits of Eregion, for example) and he's had a lot longer than the esquires to get acquainted with the lands he protects. But that aside, I had thought that they'd be more familiar with that part of Belfalas that's south of them, since that's where the Corsairs usually hit (or so I've imagined - drawing from Trust and projecting that back into this story). Whereas to the north of Dol Amroth, it's sparsely inhabited anyway because the ground is sandy and not that great for crops. Going north is usually something one does to get somewhere else, like Anfalas, although perhaps it would be more logical for them to have studied the entire area at least by maps if not by scouting.

Nevertheless, given the relative isolation of the villagers, it still makes sense to ask them about the area - who knows if anyone has gone off to make a new settlement somewhere in the past year? That's not something the esquires would be likely to know unless they sat in at court sessions all the time and heard people coming to announce their new village and pledge fealty to Dol Amroth. Peloren has been to Calardin in the past year at least, so of the esquires, he's their best source of knowledge of the village and the outlying area. Dorhan, though, lives there and would know with certainty what was about.

Thanks for your comments - I'll go make a few adjustments to the narrative in light of them.


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