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 May, 4 2007

A journal for discussion of the story "Reconciliation."


Just what the hook says. I will try actually to reply to any comments in this journal.

Hi Denise.

Good heavens, Dwim! Another tight and troubling chapter. What you are putting these poor people through... Elethil seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, you give Peloren one of the most embarrassing injuries available, and I shudder to think of how the new rumors are going to twist things.

Thanks! Yes, things are moving to a head. Stay tuned!

Do the others think that Elethil and Peloren took their troubles to the officers? After the officers' obviously punishing first term, it seems to me that this sudden "about-face" could be open to many interpretations by the peons.

I don't give any real read on that aspect - some, maybe many, may think that that's exactly what happened. Others may be wondering if there's pressure from paternal or other quarters to ease up on P & E. Still others may think the masters have just gotten sick and tired of staying up all hours to run the esquires ragged (I'm sure the officers and sergeants wouldn't disagree with that sentiment).

What is going through Imrahil's mind? Is he trying to help Pel and Elya due to guilt, after hearing the rumors? How much contact do he and Andra have, with their very different schedules, and what does Andra think of Imrahil's efforts with P&E?

This is one aspect of the narrative I wish I could have done better. The decision to focus on Peloren and Elethil and Andrahar has certain limits, and the way this chapter unfolded, it just works better if I don't allow Andrahar's viewpoint to surface 'til later. And at that point, the pacing works best if I don't focus on the Andra-Imri relationship (again - keep the focus on the main trio). Which sucks, because earlier drafts did have an Andra-Imri scene which gave an idea of how things were going between them, but there just doesn't seem to be a good place to wedge it in there.

I do think Imrahil has been trying to keep up with Andrahar, it's just that it's hard for them to find a time and place to get together the way they used to. Andrahar, too, is conscious of a new distance between them by virtue of the different roles they occupy, and being less socially adept (in Gondor) than Imrahil, but also having a far more strict sense of propriety, he's not entirely sure how to handle this. Also, I read Andrahar as having one basic reaction to stress, namely aggressively to put whatever causes it or aggravates it at as much distance as he can.

And my goodness - Imrahil taking language lessons at the Fairweather. It is so appropriate, and I laughed myself silly.

Vice into virtue - that's Imrahil's middle name for much of his youth, I think.

And WHAT is up with Harthil's questioning??? Grrr...

Stay tuned...

I'm pretty fuzzy on the pages.

I'm also fuzzy about them. I know they exist, and I know boys between, say, 8 (Liahan's age, I think, when he came to stay at Dol Amroth) and 16, probably served in that capacity. They probably are exclusively the sons of nobility, and they get to do all the menial court chores the esquires don't end up doing, heh heh. Ask Isabeau, though--I'm not sure of anything beyond those rather vague notions.


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