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 May, 4 2007

A journal for discussion of the story "Reconciliation."


Just what the hook says. I will try actually to reply to any comments in this journal.

Hi Denise,

Thanks for commenting! (Was that your anonymous review?)

Pel and Elya seem to be alienating pretty much everyone in Ch. 5 - not that Celdir's crew's favor is any great loss. In fact, I hope that it helps with P & E's attempts at reconciliation with Andrahar.

Karma works in mysterious ways, but not immediately.

But, not nice of Pel to push off Aldan and pull that lordly tone... I have to keep reminding myself that he's a very young man in a nearly impossible situation.

Something has to give when one is under stress, and Gondor is a hierarchical society. However much the Swan Knights may try to level things, I figure there will always be incidents like this, to say nothing of people like Valyon or Celdir who simply give their common-born peers a bit of a cold shoulder whenever they feel like not dealing with them.

Re: Harthil - eventually more will be said about him.

Did the officers leave that packet in Pel and Elya's folios in the thought that Andrahar would read it, and thus get the background to the year that P & E have faced?

If they did, that pretty much foundered on the rock of virtuous integrity. Oft virtue mars virtue or something?

I have no idea where Elya is on any of it. Is he torn like Pel? Or is he of a mind with Celdir, but is yet trying to avoid that bunch due to the backlash their association provides?

During the redrafting of this story, I ended up giving Elethil a less conflicted dislike of Andrahar, which is aggravated by his own painful situation. Left alone, he would respond to his sense of guilt in a more obvious fashion (and he's as incredulous as Peloren about Celdir's reaction to their crime); feeling unfairly harried by everybody, his dislike gets channeled into a line of thinking that leads him to blame Andrahar for his own unfair predicament, even though he in some sense knows that that reaction is in itself unfair. He just doesn't have the energy to deal with it, and has always been on the timid side of any social relationship.

When did Pel give Elya his Yule present?

Not yet, actually. Drunkenness plus first week has conspired to make them both forget about that sort of concern - they just need to survive.


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