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 May, 4 2007

A journal for discussion of the story "Reconciliation."


Just what the hook says. I will try actually to reply to any comments in this journal.

Hi Denise!

Do Ornendil or the other officers ever clarify for Andrahar just how bad things have been for Peloren and Elethil? I mean, saying, "We had hoped the Prince's justice would suffice to convince others they had paid their debt, but it has not" does not even touch on the extra work the sergeants put on them, much less the cruelty of their peers.

*thinks ahead to chapter 5* Not really. I think they think that Andrahar is clever enough to understand what's really going on. Things are bad if the senior officers are asking the most junior knight in their company to give them a hand with a couple of esquires he has no reason to like. And he was an esquire not that long ago himself, and one who was definitely not popular, either with his peers or with at least some of the instructors - he might be a wizard with weapons, but instructors are Gondorians with prejudices too. Andrahar knows the score, and in a deleted line, was momentarily feeling a bit satisfied with it as it currently stood in a "Suffer Pel and Elya - see how *you* like it!" way.

This is not to say the masters and captain might not have owed it to Andrahar and everyone to be more explicit about what the problems have been. On the other hand, they need Andrahar to do two, and only two, things - instruct fairly, and do something to try to make a liveable peace with Peloren and Elethil. He's not going to be privy to the ins and outs of the masters' discussions - he *is* a junior knight, after all. And in the end, this is the first time they've had to confront this kind of problem, rather than a purely interpersonal one (somebody's personal but non-racialized grudge against somebody else).

Not that Andrahar is likely to say in return, "Oh, OK, you poor guys - I forgive you," but it would go a long way towards explaining the cringing that he's so disgusted by.

Hm. It might, or it might not. Peloren and Elethil, all apart from feeling harassed and put-upon by their peers and the heavy discipline, are very much unhappy to confront Andrahar personally because they're not sure what he's going to do. After all--he's just *not* Gondorian. They could handle it if Andrahar were in some sense, but he's one of *those* people still, and *those* people have some scary ways of settling scores.

Peloren and Elethil don't yet see a reason to think Andrahar won't do something awful to them or run them beyond ragged, nor have they quite managed to take that step back and go, "Hey - we're already enduring that. It's not actually any different, so either something's wrong with the system, or else Andrahar isn't any worse than anyone else." If they could, it might help things enormously. But at the moment, they can't be that rational about matters and getting absolutely smashed probably didn't help.


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