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 May, 4 2007

A journal for discussion of the story "Reconciliation."


Just what the hook says. I will try actually to reply to any comments in this journal.

Sorry about the spam, but very glad to be reading more (I hope ultimately)about Andrahar and Imrahil.

I was wondering about how Andrahar and Peloren adjusted to their friendship/cameraderie as shown in the Brandmir and later stories so I am looking forward to the developments here in this story.

First of all, I am enjoying this. My comments I hope will not discourage you as the author from continuing the tale but maybe provide some input from a reader who is a keen follower of the Isabeau/Altariel/Dwimordene sequence of tales.

In this story I find the esquire code somewhat hard to swallow, in that Peloren/Eletheryl cannot seek outside support/assistance when it is obvious that they are being bullied. I know that they should be able to sort out their difficulties without resort to senior officers. But why are the masters so blind, aloof,and uncaring, until fairly late in their first year (if I have got the timing right)? Especially given that these two are operating under rather unusual circumstances - of which the masters are aware - as they are rising through the ranks following a very public punishment?

These are the masters' students, and successors. They are part of a cohort who will ultimately support their masters and other older knights in battle as their brothers. You stress the need for the stronger to support the weaker in your story, to retain their overall strength.

Does the oath of the brothers not work downwards as well as across - i.e. do the officers (and knights, including the trainers of the esquires), who have their white belts, not have a responsibility for the men at arms/esquires, as well as the esquires have for their "brothers" ((including the qualified knights and other soldiers)? I am reflecting on the oaths that the probationary knights are mindful of here.

I am a manager of people and I was always taught and practise that responsibiity works in both directions.

These remarks are meant as positive input as I very much enjoy your stories (all three of you) and would be very sad not to read your further writings. Thank you for all the many stories I have enjoyed to date!

I look forward to your next chapters (and any comments on what i have said here).

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