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Story meme

 November, 11 2005

Future histories


Here is a meme that did the rounds on LJ recently; not only was it fun, it was a source of ideas:

Ask me what happens after the end of one of my stories.

Sorry I'm months late getting to this, but only just found your blog and I can't resist the opportunity: What happens after Late Fragment? Faramir doesn't die (per Tolkien's HoME) for another 11 years. Poor guy - missing Eowyn so much. Does he recover completely? Is he still Steward? Do he and Heth ever have more than a good solid friendship? (I realize I'm poaching on Isabeau territory here.)

I have more questions lurking about other stories, but I can't think of them right now.... So many of them are wonderful gap fillers and the "after" is pretty well fixed already. I will get back to you, if you dont mind late entries to this blog!

I love your writing BTW. I promise to be better about being more specific in reviews for individual stories, but in general I enjoy your style and appreciate the dedicated crafting you obviously put into each story. I find your writing compact and succinct but carrying a wealth of detail with it, and I love it when you incorporate poetry. Your characterizations are wonderful - like I told Isabeau, I will never be able to read LotR again without picturing your versions of the characters and back stories as part of them. Yours and Isabeau's writing mesh so beautifully - I'm so glad that you collaborate because we get many more great stories in the Unabeauverse that way! Thanks so much for sharing.

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