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Story meme

 November, 11 2005

Future histories


Here is a meme that did the rounds on LJ recently; not only was it fun, it was a source of ideas:

Ask me what happens after the end of one of my stories.

Those are all excellent points. Denethor's seeming much more alive and explainable to me at this point. (Well, as alive as can be expected from such a cold fish.)

As a side to this discussion, what happens after Imrahil finds out about Denethor's abuse of Finduilas and the boys in "Game of Chess"? Does he ever tell anyone else about it (Andra comes to mind, as a brother to share a big burden with), and does he come to terms with the fact that he never saw it happening to his beloved sister? In "Ultimatums" there's some discussion of potential trouble with Nimrien (and eventually we will find out what she thought at the end of that Pelargir trip when Isabeau has a chance to finish it), but evidently even perceptive Nimrien did not uncover enough to suspect full-on abuse. Or did Imri & Nimrien's burgeoning romance blind them to some obvious signs? Finduilas is dead the next year, right?

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