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Story meme

 November, 11 2005

Future histories


Here is a meme that did the rounds on LJ recently; not only was it fun, it was a source of ideas:

Ask me what happens after the end of one of my stories.

Hi dpetrash - and thank you for the kind words about Lady of Silences, which I think is the story of mine that's got the widest spectrum of responses. Yes, this is the night Finduilas dies - it was written intentionally vaguely in that I don't she was consciously intending to suicide, but certainly subconsciously she was hoping that she wouldn't wake up the following morning. What happens next? Someone once asked me to try writing that story, but it's just too sad for me to want to go there. Denethor is certainly in denial (There's a glimpse of what happens next in one of the flashbacks in Spirits of the House).

As for what happens after The Machine that Changed the World: Faramir and Aragorn finance a bright but penniless entrepreneur and end up as non-executive directors of Gondor's first version of Borders. Faramir gives most of the money from this to his daughter to set up the first public lending libraries in Middle-earth.

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