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Story meme

 November, 11 2005

Future histories


Here is a meme that did the rounds on LJ recently; not only was it fun, it was a source of ideas:

Ask me what happens after the end of one of my stories.

Hi dpetrash,

Sorry it's taken me a little while to get back to you - I was doing my tax return. Well, to be more accurate, I was procrastinating about doing my tax return. Still am.

I've put all your questions into this one post, hope that's OK.

Thank you very much for your kind words about my writing - I'll happily carry on including poetry (so long as I don't have to write it myself!).

Yours and Isabeau's writing mesh so beautifully - I'm so glad that you collaborate because we get many more great stories in the Unabeauverse that way! Thanks so much for sharing.

I'm very glad that Isabeau is willing to collaborate with me, because I think she's brilliant :-)

What happens after Late Fragment? Faramir doesn't die (per Tolkien's HoME) for another 11 years. Poor guy - missing Eowyn so much. Does he recover completely? Is he still Steward? Do he and Heth ever have more than a good solid friendship?

I've taken the HoME date as the date of Faramir's death. He certainly becomes much stronger than he is in this story, but he's a very old man by now. Elboron is handling most of the day-to-day business of the Stewardship and the principality, ably assisted by his son, Barahir. I don't think Faramir retires completely, that wouldn't be in his nature. He's still as sharp as ever.

Very soon after Late Fragment ends Faramir finds out that he's about to become a great-grandfather for the first time, and that certainly provides him with at least one very good reason to stay around. Perhaps Heth's company provides another...

His great-grandson is called Beren, btw. The portrait of four generations of Princes is something to see.

I will get back to you, if you donít mind late entries to this blog!

Please, fire ahead at any time! This blog is always open for questions - sometimes I might even have answers :-D

Oho - another one: Fair Game. Especially, does Faramir regain his comfort with a sword completely, or at least enough to shed his guards?

I think with some work he gets back a fair amount of his skill, but never quite gets his full edge back. Enough to function more than competently but, really, he has no taste for war; he's more than happy to stick to diplomacy. In Flowers of the Forest, he remains in Gondor when the armies head off.

I'm glad you like Fair Game, I have a real soft spot for it.

Oops, related to one above: When were Faramir & family in Dol Amroth? It seemed that in Game of Chess they had not visited when Bron got his sword (although I canít find where I got that idea), and Iím guessing Fair Game is about one-two years after the epilogue?

Fair Game is set about a year after the epilogue, on Bron's return from Edoras (he's just about to go off there in Inheritance). I can't see anything in the epilogue either that suggests they hadn't been to Dol Amroth by that time, but if you do spot something, please let me know. I have a rough idea that they go there at least once when Bron and Morwen are small, and perhaps again after Leof is born.

Perhaps one day I'll write about Eowyn seeing the sea for the first time; it has a great deal of significance for her.

Thank you again for all your kind comments and for your questions!

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