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Name the Brat Prince of Gondor

 April, 30 2006

Several of you who have read Fourth Age have asked me what Tel's full name is. I don't know yet. And as Raksha kindly pointed out, why should I come up with a name, when I have all those willing readers out there?

So, if you're interested, here's your chance to name a character in the Hethverse. Give me the name and a brief explanation of why you think it is appropriate. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Tel name-Tel could be short for Telcontar, his last name. Which begs the question-why doesn't Tel use his first name? Is it truly that hideous? So a tasteful name isn't absolutely necessary, and an explanation of why he doesn't like to be called by his name, humorous or not will be appreciated.

Raksha: Tellmemore!

Now we know why you suggested that Isabeau put it to the peeps.

Isabeau, I like the idea that Tel is a nickname taken from his last name, and used in lieu of the monstrosity of a name bestowed upon him by his mother, who perhaps was enamored of rather obscure names linked to his illustrious heritage? For example, Narmacil Argeleb, two names of two former kings of Gondor and Arthedain respectively, but which really don't sound so nice together, or by themselves -- do they? I think Narmacil sounds like the name of some kind of ointment used on minor scrapes and burns, and Argeleb sounds like something a pirate might say while clearing his throat.

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