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Ring-a-Ring-a-Challenge: Writing Cues for B2MEM (22)

 March, 22 2006

To celebrate the "Back to Middle-earth Month" (B2MEM) and the destruction of the One Ring (March 25, now the New Year's Day in Middle-earth) we bring to you a new onlist Challenge.


Write *whatever* you feel like: a drabble, a poem, a filk, a short story or a novel...

And here's the Challenge:

In the "Tale of the Years" Tolkien tells us about what happens to certain characters each day of March 3019. We challenge you to write about the character(s) he does NOT mention.

Today's entry in the "Tale of the Years" is:

"March 22. The dreadful nightfall. Frodo and Samwise leave the road and turn south to Mount Doom. Third assault on Lórien."

So what happens to the characters NOT mentioned in this entry by name? Or characters, such as wives, children or bad guys, that must have existed, but were never mentioned at all?

Here's your chance: tell us about the characters that Tolkien did not mention for this day in Middle-earth, March 3019!

Share your takes at HA, at the B2MEM Workshop, "Ring-a-Ring-a-Challenge"  at HASA, at the writers' workshop “There and Back Again”, or here at TFF!

- a challenge brought to you by
the Henneth Annűn Story Archive,
the Henneth Annűn Yahoo Group,
There and back Again - a writers' workshop, and
Tolkien Fan Fiction.

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