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Altariel's Blog

 October, 31 2005

A place for comments or questions on my fiction, or else just for general chat!

Hi Denise; yes, I'm definitely on reprieve - I teach on two undergraduate courses and they don't start up again until October! Until then, I'm writing full-time, so keep your fingers cross as I try to complete my first original novel...

How did you and Isabeau end up sharing the Unabeauverse? How was the Unabeauverse conceived?

The tales grew in the telling is the only answer! :-D When The Fellowship of the Ring came out, I think many people started looking for Tolkien-based fanfic. For some reason that I can't recall (given he's not in the film and he had never been a particular favourite, unlike Eowyn), I started looking for fiction about Faramir (I suspect it might have been something to do with Sean Bean's performance of Boromir, and thinking about the ramifications of Boromir's death on his family).

I found Love Sweet as Poison and Father and Sons by Dwimordene at, and something went *ping* in my head, and next thing I knew, I was sitting at my desk, scribbling the start of The Fire Sermon on a piece of A4 file paper.

I was still hunting around (ravenously, as I recall) for fiction about Faramir, and I noticed a story that was following Faramir from when he leaves Ithilien, from the POV of a young female Ranger... I read the first chapter and thought, "You know, this is pretty damn good...", and then I read the second chapter, got to the Chicken Man, and knew I was in the presence of genius! :-D I emailed the author to tell her how much I was enjoying her story, and the next thing I knew we were sharing story and character ideas, and we shared a lot of opinions, and I love Isabeau's writing and characterization so much - and then things just sort of began to merge, really.

Isabeau, what's your recollection?

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