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Altariel's Blog

 October, 31 2005

A place for comments or questions on my fiction, or else just for general chat!

Slow again in responses, Denise, my apologies. I'm nearing the end of term and my teaching schedule gets very time-consuming.

Denise wrote: When Finduilas' ghost is showing Denethor the visions of the future, he looks into the palantir and sees the burning hands (his) and then a flash of green light. What does that light symbolize?

That symbolizes the Elfstone, Elessar in his/its most symbolic sense, and so it's meant to be showing him the possibility of a change in his circumstance and so give him hope (Aragorn has healing hands).

All the images in that paragraph are meant to be showing Denethor different ways of interpreting what he is seeing in the palantir, transforming them from images of despair to images of hope; so the black sails have an edge of silver (silver and black being the colours associated with Numenor); the Nazgul glimmer gold (suggesting Eagles); the burning hands are transformed with the green fire which symbolizes Aragorn and the restoration of the Kingdom.

Adrahil has to be one of my favorite minor characters in the Unabeauverse. Are there any plans to write more about him and his family

I don't have any plans to write more about him. I think I'd probably write about Ecthelion, Thorongil and Denethor first.

I would also love to see more of Finduilas and Denethor when their marriage was young and still good. The scene in SotH when he went over to talk to her in Dol Amroth was wonderful. What did he say? Was that the first time he'd really seen her as an adult?

Thank you, I like that little scene too! Yes, I think that's the first time he consciously registers that she is a very beautiful woman. It's when he falls in love. I think he doesn't say anything more than to ask her to dance and compliment her on her appearance, but I think you can imagine lots of shining or smouldering eyes and electricity as their hands touch, that kind of thing :-)

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