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Games of Chess

 February, 28 2006

Stories in which the game of chess plays an important part...


Although I'm rubbish at chess, it does provide a good backbone for a story. Who else should be playing Faramir?

Denise wrote: What's funny about this to me is that Isabeau once described Imrahil and Andra playing chess and they had similar methodologies, Imrahil playing like Eomer and Andra like Faramir. Another reason Imri and Eomer get along so well! Maybe they should play each other.

Altariel wrote: I direct this nuzgul towards an author far more accomplished with both characters *ducks and runs!*

What is it with people this week? Thank you, but I have enough on my plate already, don't you think? You're not the one with all these WIPs!

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