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Hethlin of Anorien

 February, 25 2006

I know CMC's a done deal, but since I intend to give it a thorough editing in the future, I'll include it in this thread, as well as make this a place for any other Heth questions not appropriate for the Silver Swan thread.

Denise wrote: Also some Q's from the monster thread: Where is Heths daughter in Fourth Age?

That one I can't answer yet.

Did Heth have other children?


And did all of them gain her mind gifts, or just the eldest daughter/son?

Haven't decided yet, though if I ever actually write the rest of Fourth Age, it will turn out that Tel has it, much to his surprise.

Did her forefathers ever have more than one son to carry on the bloodline?

From CMC: (Aragorn says-)"Your line never thrived, and was often fraught with misfortune, yet it never entirely failed either. The men of your house remembered their disgrace, and sought to atone for the shame their ancestor had brought upon them. Thus, they were always at the forefront of battles, and proved to be fell warriors time and time again, though because of their boldness they often fell in battle untimely young. Yet, always could they find wives, and always there was at least one heir.

My feeling is that there may have been times when there was more than one son born, but given their need for atonement, though the line didn't die out entirely, there were never a lot of them around. I think Halaran was the last of his house. A lot of old things are fading out at the time of the Ring War, so this seems to be appropriate. But unlike the Elves, I can restore the fortunes of the House of the Eagle.

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