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Hethlin of Anorien

 February, 25 2006

I know CMC's a done deal, but since I intend to give it a thorough editing in the future, I'll include it in this thread, as well as make this a place for any other Heth questions not appropriate for the Silver Swan thread.

Ah, but there doesn't have to be a Moriarty unless I write a bunch of them, now does there? I could always just do one!

Those sound like fateful last words to me!

That's another one I would love to finish. One of these days, the rest of it will occur to me. I think water-skiing is involved, but that's all I know at this point.

Snort... I picture the boys from ZZ Top racing along the water, their beards whipped around their heads, the grip bound around the waist so their hands are free for their guitars...

There's The Best Gift of All as well. I always liked that one because of the Nimrien/Faramir interaction. And Imrahil bringing back the transparent chemise...

Now I recall the first one you mention (of course), but not the second one ("transparent chemise"? Sounds exciting ;-)) How is it called and where can I find it?

I love Illereyn's musings about Amrothos and narcotics, especially her ideas for possible motives.

He is living in a war zone, after all - it might come in useful, and it'll complement what his brothers are doing when they're risking their necks.

And we know from the drabble where he blows up the Osgiliath bridge that he is quite willing to risk his health and life in war just as the "normal soldiers".

But especially this rings absolutely plausible for such an intensely curious but also somewhat solitary (because his eccentric pursuits are not shared with many others) person:

Perhaps it might atart out as related to Nimrien's death - hers was something that healers would have tried to ease using potions, but failed. And Amrothos, if I recall correctly, was at the age that he could understand what was going on, but was too young to do anything remotely useful except get out of adults' way - which would have really hurt. It might be a latent desire to 'make up' for his earlier helplessness and contribute to the field of medicine. Or just so that he can have a better grip of what was really going on during his mother's death, since he was young enough that the details would be a bit foggy by now.

Question for the group: Do you believe in "speculation-nuzgūls"? Because that's exactly what the critter nibbling at my toes seems to be...

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