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Hethlin of Anorien

 February, 25 2006

I know CMC's a done deal, but since I intend to give it a thorough editing in the future, I'll include it in this thread, as well as make this a place for any other Heth questions not appropriate for the Silver Swan thread.

I was thinking of something of the kind the other day, but I was also contemplating a companion piece to Motherless, which told about Nimrien's death from Andra's point of view.

I still think "Motherless" is one of your most moving works. I feel the tears prickling in the back of my mind just thinking about it. I think it would be great to have Andra's insight into this time, especially with the glimpses of such a playful, deep, wonderful friendship beginning (cue Humphrey Bogart) between Andra and Nimrien in "Ultimatums".

* The 'conversation' between Faramir and Elrohir before Heth arrives in Chapter 52.
You don't ask for the easy ones, do you? Not sure I'll ever address this, because I'm not sure anything I could write would be as good as what people imagine for themselves.

You know, as much as I'm sure I would like whatever Isabeau could come up with, I agree with her here. It just feels nice to me to come upon this scene and come up with diverse silly, ludicrous or implausible things that might have happened.

Even the continuation: How does Imrahil figure/find out that Brand knows? They definitely seem to have an understanding in Passages. Although, thinking about it, I wonder if Andrahar wouldn't just come clean to Imrahil that he'd told the secret, intentionally or unintentionally, once the dust settles over Imrahil finding out about Brand. In fact, I'd love to see the scene where Andrahar tells Imrahil that he's found Boromir's son! Maybe you can roll it all up into the scene of Andrahar telling Imrahil that he smacked down Hethlin... *hopeful look*

This whole shebang of Imrahil's discovery of Brand's existence plus Imrahil returning home after DAY is one I'm actually the most curious about, because those two are such important pivotal points for Brand, Andra, Hethlin, Faramir, and the Dol Amroth clan.

* Gimli and Amrothos and the gates of Minas Tirith.

Oh, that's a nice idea! I love all your Gimli pieces, and he so seldomly deigns to speak with you but then it's doubly worth it. In a similar vein, how about a continuation of that hilarious Gimli in Valinor story?

Btw, I can totally see Amrothos and Brand as Holmes and Watson! Now who could be Professor Moriarty?

And I'm very happy to learn you might be writing a Heth-as-bodyguard story, and a Elphir & Andra story!

As for nuzgūl-flinging myself, I'm lazy and just point to many of the great ideas by the others, plus just one of my own: I'd like to see you write more about the time when Nimrien was still alive and she and Imri were making their own happy family. (I can recall just one already-written scene in that time frame: the short story about Imrahil planting a tree).

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