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Hethlin of Anorien

 February, 25 2006

I know CMC's a done deal, but since I intend to give it a thorough editing in the future, I'll include it in this thread, as well as make this a place for any other Heth questions not appropriate for the Silver Swan thread.

Dwim wrote (because she can't resist flinging the fangies, no she can't, my precious...)

* Amrothos and Brand working together on something - this just strikes me as an explosive combination.
What time frame are you seeing this happening? I'm thinking it might be more likely to happen when Brand is older.
* Now that we have "Liquid Numbers", do Hethlin and Amrothos's future bride ever interact?
I'm sure that they will, but it will be a while before you see that. What I'm curious about is how Andra would react.* Andrahar admits to Brand that his reason for not marrying has nothing to do with not being fancied by some of the court women. Which ones, pray tell? I see a romantic comedy of... interesting... proportions...
I don't see Jerulas being in the running! Other than that, I haven't come up with a particular character. I suspect that he might have been pursued when he was in his twenties and early thirties, perhaps by young women who were hoping to enter the Heir's sphere of influence by the back door as it were. Would Andra be smart enough to see through that? I suspect so. It's an interesting idea.
* The rest of Ultimatums.
If I had it straight enough in my mind (and I still don't, despite your and Una's help, I'd finish that sucker as your birthday prezzie tomorrow. I'm as sick of it hanging fire as you are.
* In "Noble Jewel," we find that Peloren knows who Andrahar's lover was. When/how did he learn that Andrahar was a lover of men, and how did that affect their progress from enemies to friends?
That's one I've been wondering about too. Easiest answer is that Peloren caught them at something. Of course, if he knew, why didn't he mention it to Imrahil? Did Andrahar ask him to keep it quiet, or did Peloren just decide that it was dishonorable to mention it to anyone, even their liege? This one is a very compelling fangie-if I come up with an answer, I'll write it. If you come up with an answer first, feel free.
* The rest of Blackbow.
That one you might see.
* Gimli and Amrothos and the gates of Minas Tirith.
This one is interesting as well. Someone also suggested a while back (I think it was Altariel) that it would be fun if Amrothos and Gandalf had ever crossed paths.

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