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Hethlin of Anorien

 February, 25 2006

I know CMC's a done deal, but since I intend to give it a thorough editing in the future, I'll include it in this thread, as well as make this a place for any other Heth questions not appropriate for the Silver Swan thread.

What does Heth think of Andra and how he reacted to the abuse, (should she find out)? Would it help their conflicted relationship and bring them closer together?

Interesting question, but I'm guessing 'no' to the latter just because Heth probably would feel sorry for him if she found out about his years as a slave and catamite and then on the streets.

My read on it: Andrahar is the wrong personality type to react well to any attempt to form common ground with Heth on this issue. He hates to be pitied - in "Discretion," when he did decide to explain to Boromir something about his past, he gave a very edited version and explicitly told Boromir, with a bit of a growl, that Boromir "need not feel sorry for me."

For Hethlin to find out about that past would be embarrassing in the extreme if it came from someone other than Andrahar. And Andrahar has no reason to want Hethlin to know - he doesn't need her pity, and he doesn't need intimate violence as a ground for alliance with her. There's also the gender and age division that would resonate with him: she's younger and female, which may make him find her experience not to be relevantly similar to his (or vice versa). Moreover, she's under his command - he doesn't need her friendship nor even her liking, just her obedience and respect. He doesn't at this point in his life likely feel the need to "work through" what happened fifty years ago in Harad; he's got Imrahil, he had Boromir. Why would he need Heth in this capacity?

The only reason I can think of that he might offer up that old history to someone who doesn't already know it at this point would be because he thinks the other person needs to hear it. Hence in "Passages," he does tell Brand what happened to him because he thinks Brand needs help dealing with his first kill, which necessitates Andrahar telling about his own first kill, which occurred in escaping a sexual sadist. Otherwise, he wouldn't have brought it up, I don't think.

I can't think of many scenarios where Hethlin would be in a similar situation to Brand's, and I can think of several ways Andrahar could deal with those situations as her commander and teacher without airing his own past, and that would probably work better just for that reason.

But anyhow... sorry to jump in on a question when I'm not even the addressee. Procrastination: the only immortal...


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