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Princes of Dol Amroth

 February, 25 2006

Questions about the life and times of Imrahil and his family can be asked here, including questions about Ultimatums, Kin-Strife and the shorter stories. Discussions about Brand can go either here or in the Best-Loved Son thread, since his stories sort of overlap both cycles.

Denise wrote: Chilling that Imrahil dreamed the future, of if Veleda was allowed to latch on to his son. Do you know more about her background? Iím curious because women in Harad have come across as being very demure and subservient, and although Veleda is Khandian I sort of continued the association.

No, I really don't know anything more about her background, though something may occur later on. The captain of the Sangahyando was actually a young Haradric nobleman. It might make an interesting story at some point.

Given what little else I've established about Khand, Harad might have seemed an improvement to Veleda. Think of her as someone like Anne Bonney, who definitely flouted society's conventions.

She just seemed like a very interesting villain, and in a way I was sorry to see her hanged. Does she have any further interaction with Hethlin?

I haven't decided if she has anything more to do with Heth or not, but I think it unlikely. And I agree, she was an interesting villain, and I shall probably regret not allowing her to escape to wreak havoc another day. Good villains are hard to find/create.

Why does Andrahar tell Brand about Imrahilís feelings for Heth? It seems a very personal thing for him to reveal to a 12-year-old (and not really Andraharís secret to tell).

I agree, but when I first wrote that, my muse insisted upon it and I usually don't argue with the muse. I may very well go back and change it later. It's possible that Brand overheard something from some other source-Lothiriel is the most likely, before she went to Rohan to live, because she'll get a clue here shortly in Silver Swan-and went to Andrahar for an explanation. Or it's possible that Andrahar did have a rare, fallible moment (Heth seems to make him have them!) and revealed that information because he was in a foul, disgruntled mood, and irritated at Brand's hero-worship. But I don't like to think that.

I was also struck by Imrahilís comment about preferring Andrahar to be with him in Minas Tirith, since I thought that one of the main points of Hethlin going to Dol Amroth was to train with Andrahar. Was that just a shift in perspective, or was Imrahil clouding things a bit when he was explaining them to Brand? Although getting that different take on things was informative Ė it had not occurred to me before that Andra would of course still be grieving for Boromir, and dealing with that alone would be tough even before dealing with Hethlin was added into the mix.

That was a shift in perspective, clouding things a bit and me not realizing that there might be a better way to word things! I'll look at that part again.

When do the Cygnets learn who Brand is? That night at the dinner?

Yes. Though I suspect Amrothos suspects already. That boy don't miss much.

Is there a specific point at which Imrahil and/or Andrahar learn that Boromir knew (and even helped/approved) of Hethlin being in the Rangers? I suppose it would be sort of understood, as I canít imagine any of them believing that Faramir would/could keep such a thing from his brother.

I haven't really decided yet. Obviously, Imrahil notices she's a woman in CMC, and since Faramir knows, by inference Boromir knows as well, since, like you said, Faramir doesn't keep things from Boromir. I suspect that at some point he sits down with his nephew and has a little talk about Hethlin, since he is so intrigued about her from the start. It most likely takes place before the picnic, since he consulted Faramir about what would be a good gift for Heth. And no, no plans to write that. Yet.;-)

Naturally, Iím dying to get Hethís perspective on events Ė especially the hanging, now that youíve noted Brandís observances. Her view will of course be more mature, but I donít remember a time when she has witnessed Imrahil overseeing something like this, and being so grim.

I've contemplated doing something about that in Silver Swan. Heth is actually on duty during the hangings and gets to see Imrahil in his role as judge. Imrahil is not the sort to do such things lightly, so he goes off afterwards and locks himself in his room for a day or so, refusing to see anyone, even Andra. Andra, who knows how he is, and who can be an evil bastard at times, sends Hethlin up with his dinner, since he's pretty sure Imrahil will let her in! Heth and Imrahil have a conversation about women who take roles not dictated by society and how they should be dealt with. Heth points out in annoyance (and justifiably so, given how men are) that if Veleda had been hag-ugly with warts all over her, they wouldn't be having all this drama about her!

And something OT: Are you considering showing us more of Imrahil interacting with his mother? I donít know why, but Iíve been wishing for that since the beginning of Kin-StrifeÖ

No plans to do so immediately, though I have contemplated the tale of 6-year-old Imri breaking his arm and being forced to stay in the vile Houses of Healing with the nasty, scratchy sheets from time to time. His mother would obviously figure prominently in that!

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