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Princes of Dol Amroth

 February, 25 2006

Questions about the life and times of Imrahil and his family can be asked here, including questions about Ultimatums, Kin-Strife and the shorter stories. Discussions about Brand can go either here or in the Best-Loved Son thread, since his stories sort of overlap both cycles.

I really enjoyed Confirmation, Isabeau. (On a related side note: Bless you, Altariel!) You wrote a wonderful first meeting between Brand and Imrahil. And it all had added poignancy when we learn that it fell on the anniversary of Boromirís death.

So the woman trouble between Imrahil and Erchirion was due to Veleda, then! Wouldnít you figure Ė the womanizer finally falls hard, and itís totally the wrong kind of womanÖ Chilling that Imrahil dreamed the future, of if Veleda was allowed to latch on to his son. Do you know more about her background? Iím curious because women in Harad have come across as being very demure and subservient, and although Veleda is Khandian I sort of continued the association. She certainly seemed to be someone of authority and brains in DAY. I have this vision of a from-the-other-side-PoV, and her being respected for her ďmannishĒ strengths the way Hethlin is (among some people) in Gondor. Not that Veleda had the Gondorian sense of honor as an assassin, but then again, from the other side maybe doing whatever it took to take down the enemy is considered honorable. She just seemed like a very interesting villain, and in a way I was sorry to see her hanged. Does she have any further interaction with Hethlin?

Why does Andrahar tell Brand about Imrahilís feelings for Heth? It seems a very personal thing for him to reveal to a 12-year-old (and not really Andraharís secret to tell).

I was also struck by Imrahilís comment about preferring Andrahar to be with him in Minas Tirith, since I thought that one of the main points of Hethlin going to Dol Amroth was to train with Andrahar. Was that just a shift in perspective, or was Imrahil clouding things a bit when he was explaining them to Brand? Although getting that different take on things was informative Ė it had not occurred to me before that Andra would of course still be grieving for Boromir, and dealing with that alone would be tough even before dealing with Hethlin was added into the mix.

Really loved how you showed Imrahilís obvious adoration of his family, especially Nimrien.

Is there a specific point at which Imrahil and/or Andrahar learn that Boromir knew (and even helped/approved) of Hethlin being in the Rangers? I suppose it would be sort of understood, as I canít imagine any of them believing that Faramir would/could keep such a thing from his brother.

I loved how you slipped in Denethorís sisters, the possible Numenorean female line of succession and potential political intricacies. Heh! Definitely enjoyed seeing that brought up.

When do the Cygnets learn who Brand is? That night at the dinner?

Naturally, Iím dying to get Hethís perspective on events Ė especially the hanging, now that youíve noted Brandís observances. Her view will of course be more mature, but I donít remember a time when she has witnessed Imrahil overseeing something like this, and being so grim. I loved Imrahil and Brandís little exchange over Hethlin, BTW, and how Imrahil dealt with poor Brand being overwhelmed by the disclosure of his parentage.

And something OT: Are you considering showing us more of Imrahil interacting with his mother? I donít know why, but Iíve been wishing for that since the beginning of Kin-StrifeÖ

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