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Princes of Dol Amroth

 February, 25 2006

Questions about the life and times of Imrahil and his family can be asked here, including questions about Ultimatums, Kin-Strife and the shorter stories. Discussions about Brand can go either here or in the Best-Loved Son thread, since his stories sort of overlap both cycles.

Denise wrote: Is this the right spot for questions about The Recall? I can repost elsewhere if you would prefer.

No, this is the right place.

What are Variags? (discussion about the Battle on the Pelennor)

They're Men. From Khand if I recollect correctly. Part of that mish-mash of folk from the south that Sauron sent up to Minas Tirith.

Under what capacity is Brand attending the meeting? (Was so cool to see him again, and obviously a man of importance. And the story of what he did after Andrahar died - chills down the spine!)

He's on the Council. Una decided that Faramir gifted him with some of Finduilas' dower lands, and Andra finally did what he wouldn't do for his own sake and swore fealty to Aragorn so that he could get land for Brand as well. Between the two of them, Brand has got enough property that he warrants a place of the Council, which Aragorn would probably have given him anyway.

Is the Maharian scimitar the same one that Andra received from Adrahil (Nightshade)? I'm pretty sure it's "yes" but the smith's name is spelled a little differently in Kin-Strife - or I'm just off-base on what the possessive of "Mahiran" would look like (highly likely). Will Brand make it his primary blade now?

Yes it is. I mispelled it, thinking I remembered the right spelling and not bothering to look it up. (Blush.) It's fixed now.

I'm thinking that it will probably become Brand's primary blade, but I'm not absolutely decided. Originally, before Brand came along, Andrahar would have left it to Liahan. And there is the argument for it put into his tomb with him. Anybody got any strong feelings about it?

When Imrahil mentions the "old blood" around Belfalas is speaking of the men that were there before the Numenoreans? He singles out his mother as having some, so I wondered if you were partly adopting Soledad's theory of her ancestry.

Yes, I'm thinking that way.

Thanks again for this story, Isabeau - although I loved "Red River" I'm SO glad someone rescued poor Raksandhar! And thus particularly loved the ending. I think meeting the young Haradrim would have been very comforting to Imrahil.

I'm very glad you liked it, Denise. It was certainly comforting to me!

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