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Princes of Dol Amroth

 February, 25 2006

Questions about the life and times of Imrahil and his family can be asked here, including questions about Ultimatums, Kin-Strife and the shorter stories. Discussions about Brand can go either here or in the Best-Loved Son thread, since his stories sort of overlap both cycles.

Some commentary in general, since you guys have been incredibly prolific in my absence! It's been fun to read. I've been sick and had mandatory overtime, which is why you've not seen much of me.

Don't worry, Imri's not gaining any weight. Are you kidding? Andra knows they're going off to war and he's been the tiger he's nicknamed in regards to ensuring that Imrahil spars every single day with either himself or someone else competent. Imri's in fine fighting trim at present. But Cuilast is a stringbean-ergo his remark to Hethlin.

And Imrahil is probably drinking a bit more than he was accustomed to during the War, but it certainly hasn't reached the heights of his youthful indiscretions. Part of that is the difficulty with having Heth so close and part of it is just that he's tired. He can be excused for thinking that after the Ring War he could enjoy peace for the rest of his life. He is intrigued by the prospect of seeing far new lands, there's still a lot of the adventurer in him, but he doesn't like being so far from the Sea. He's also not thrilled at the prospect of going into battle again. And he's worried about Aragorn, though he's not had any visions about the War. No foreshadowing that Aragorn is going to die, but he thinks it would be terribly ironic if the ruler of the Reunited Kingdoms survived everything Sauron dished out, only to be killed in a backwater dispute with some Easterlings. Imrahil never really sees anything about himself anyway.

As far as Heth and other ladies are concerned, his lust is purely for her at present. Not saying he isn't feeling the urge in general, but after his declaration of devotion and proposal to her, he would consider it to be inconstancy and a betrayal. Not to mention make her much likely to agree to his suit! So no, he's not going to trot down to the Fairweather, though Andrahar has probably suggested that a time or two when he was particularly irritated. I think Andra would actually consider his taking up his womanizing ways once more more appropriate than trying to marry a girl the age of his daughter.

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