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Princes of Dol Amroth

 February, 25 2006

Questions about the life and times of Imrahil and his family can be asked here, including questions about Ultimatums, Kin-Strife and the shorter stories. Discussions about Brand can go either here or in the Best-Loved Son thread, since his stories sort of overlap both cycles.

Rebecca asked, I'm sure quite rhetorically *g*:
And come on, who wouldn't want to read some Imrahil smut! ;-)

and Denise reacted - in a way which didn't surprise me *eg*:
*waves hand frantically*

Denise, I see I have made a major mistake in "Calm after the Storm" by not including some highly attractive Damsel in Distress for Imrahil to save from the pirates, and taking that bath in intimate society...

Denise again:
Now, I didn't read that scene in Passages as Imrahil being a steady souse, just that with the war looming he is thinking more on his mortality, and thus on "wish it was" and "might have been's." The baker does berate him, but I think there's still room for the occasional drinker vs. lush scenario.

I'm perhaps in the middle between your two opinions. I think in the specific scene in Passages the drinking is caused by a combination of - yes, let's call it moping, it's the most simplified term - moping and some obviously haunting visions he had, presumably about the upcoming battles.

But for Brand to know of this habit, it must happen often enough to have been noticed, even with Imrahil's frequent absences from Dol Amroth. And the only reason for that, IMO, would be Hethlin; or a combination: longing for a happy past (Nimrien)-longing for a happy future (Hethlin).

And to clarify: I do see a distinct difference between moping and seeking oblivion.

Moping, I can understand. Imrahil is a patient man, and he obviously considers Hethlin, quite rightly, as someone worth waiting for. But it must be difficult to have to see her so often, and to know she is attracted to him.

Seeking oblivion, on the other hand, would be, to my mind, totally out of character for Imrahil, and not something I could respect. But I don't see this in the way it is written, anyway. He recovers quite nicely, as we see, and manages quite well when Heth appears in the kitchen.

But yes, serious puppy-dog eyes would be very handy, methinks *g*.

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