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Blackbow and the Ithilien Rangers

 February, 25 2006

The place to discuss this eternal WIP. Also a good place for Ranger questions. Suggestions upon ways to get Faramir's shirt off in the next chapters are also appreciated.

I think you have it about right, I've seen some versions where he's too nice and others that make the movie Denethor look like Faramir's best friend.

When he was younger he seems like a very stern young man but one who obviously loved his family, as you said a man with many sides too him, he's very concious of his role as Gondor's leader but also sees Imrahil with his flamboyant and rather more easy going nature as a threat. Denethor is someone people respect because He's good at his job. Imrahil is someone who is also likeable and he looks like he will also be good at his job, somthing you show really well in Ultimatums, also Imrahil is a Prince, He'll keep his power when the king comes back and even at this stage Denethor may know more about Throngil than he's letting on.

When Findulias dies he falls into grief, my theory is that this is when he started to use the palantir maybe to see his wife again, then he realises it's uses, at this stage the artifact could seem rather harmless, Denethor thinks he has enough will power to control it but subtilly the power shifts and the palantir takes control, maybe he doesn't even notice at first and when he does that's when the battles start, he's too dependant to give up on the palantir but now it has a hold on his mind he maybe can't find it.

At the end he falls into dispair like you said but he still loves his son's his grief for Boromir when he meets Gandalf and Pippin show that, he sends Faramir back to the forts, and Faramir proved he could lead his men and get them home, perhaps he reminded Denethor of Boromir or even himself when he'd been Captain General. Then whe the despair really sets in he gives up he tries to save his son from a worse fate by burning him to death, not a very wise move but I think done in a warped way from love.

That my rather long winded way of saying I think you have it about right, as for Boromir, your Boromir explains cannon Boromir perfectly, He's trying to save his country protect his Brother from a Father who's just told him he can't be with the man he loves and that he's got to marry a girl he doesn't even though. In short the guy is desperate, like you said in Discovery he has nothing left to loose.

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