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Blackbow and the Ithilien Rangers

 February, 25 2006

The place to discuss this eternal WIP. Also a good place for Ranger questions. Suggestions upon ways to get Faramir's shirt off in the next chapters are also appreciated.

Rikard wrote: I think you are bashing Denethor to much, particulary when he was younger.

Hi Rikard! Thanks for joining the discussion. Is there a specific story you think I do this in, or more than one? Because I do try to make Denethor a little mellower in his younger incarnation, but it's true that I've never seen him as anything other than reserved and authorative.

From Tolkiens writings I assume that it's not until after Boromir has left for Imladris that Denethor studies the palantir too often and is finally infected by Sauron.

That's where we differ, because I think he was studying it a lot longer than that. And I think there's a passage in HoME that would corroborate me but I'd have to find the right volume and it all depends on if you even think HoME is canonical anyway.

He off course finally cracks completely during the siege of Minas Tirith. However he just goes mad he does not turn to evil.

Attempted murder is an evil act, though it can be excused by insanity even in this day and age. I never said he turned to evil-I'm with Tolkien in that his sin is that he loses hope and give in to despair.

His biggest mistake was that he figured he was strong enough for the palantir. For a comparison even Aragon had a real hard time with the orthanc stone.

We're in absolute agreement there. So you could say his other sin was hubris. Of all Tolkien's characters, he'd be right at home in a Greek tragedy.

In your universe he seems too nasty to have ever have gotten married to Finduilas.

I think that perhaps Finduilas saw a side of him that he didn't show to many people. But you're absolutely right that I don't like Denethor. I do try to be fair to the man-I don't think he was the total incompetent Jackson made him out to be in the movies, but I do think he made a big mistake in relying upon his own judgement and the information given him by the palantir and not reaching out more to allies. It's a personal thing-if you're a major Denethor apologist, you probably won't like my stories.

If you've looked at the original versions of the story in HoME, Denethor is a much more likeable individual. He doesn't have the antagonistic relationship with Faramir. Tolkien changes that deliberately to where it stands in the final version. His Denethor is formidable, but flawed.

On the other hand, my Boromir is probably too nice when compared with cannon Boromir.

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