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Blackbow and the Ithilien Rangers

 February, 25 2006

The place to discuss this eternal WIP. Also a good place for Ranger questions. Suggestions upon ways to get Faramir's shirt off in the next chapters are also appreciated.

I like that one - there's definitely something appealing about Faramir needing to be warmed up! Unfortunately, I doubt they'd risk a true fire in HA - but don't they have some braziers that've been mentioned before?

Yeah, I was wondering about that. But, in order to keep braziers or similar full of hot coals, wouldn't you need a fire somewhere? And to cook food, boil water, etc? You can have small fires in caves, can't you? Especially if you were clever about tiny, scattered holes to let tiny bits of smoke diffuse out, instead of in one big stream. Although the orcs would be better than most at detecting such things I suppose. Hm.

OK, I'll ask again the question that brought me to this fandom in the first place: why is the Forbidden Pool forbidden? What's the story there? Anyone know?

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