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Blackbow and the Ithilien Rangers

 February, 25 2006

The place to discuss this eternal WIP. Also a good place for Ranger questions. Suggestions upon ways to get Faramir's shirt off in the next chapters are also appreciated.

Denise makes a good point about the healers. I got the sense that the practice of medicine is rather formal, preferably done in a designated space (like, obviously, in the Houses of Healing). Maybe this is too much of a stretch, but if the Elves believe that one cannot be a warrior and a healer at the same time is it likely, or at least possible, that Gondorian healers would take the same stance, or some variation thereof? That is, if one is a healer first, one cannot be a warrior as well, under any circumstances?

If so, those who practice healing arts -- like Mablung, or for that matter Aragorn -- need not identify themselves first and foremost as healers, perhaps in fact they don't even feel they have the right to that title at all. And probably those who hold the title of "healer" would not feel that those who bear arms can be called healers.

It would be difficult to have a healer, someone who does not shed blood as a matter of principle, out on the front. He or she would have to remain in the safety of the cave all the time, because once the Rangers ventured out of their hideaway they had to be armed and ready to fight. Can't imagine a healer wanting to sign up for that.

So what you end up with in Henneth Annn is the Middle Earth equivalent of an EMT -- someone with a not-insignificant amount of healing knowledge and skill, but who can only do so much given the limitations of the facility and goods at his disposal, and who doesn't view himself as a proper "healer" (or in our parlance, credentialed doctor)? It would be great if we could have doctors riding in every ambulance that goes out on call, but there aren't enough doctors for that, and most would not feel they can work properly at the scene or in the back of an ambulance. It's not just a question of resources (although it is that), it's also what medical professionals believe about the necessary prerequisites for doing the work they do. ...?

Or maybe not. I just hate to blame Denethor for everything!

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