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Blackbow and the Ithilien Rangers

 February, 25 2006

The place to discuss this eternal WIP. Also a good place for Ranger questions. Suggestions upon ways to get Faramir's shirt off in the next chapters are also appreciated.

Imrhiriel wrote: Unless Boromir would contemplate it just to spite Denethor - because of Andra, and because of Finduilas. And despite his feelings, which he made clear to Denethor before he left for Imladris (the blackmail), I don't think he would go so far against his father the Steward.

Oh, I think my Boromir would-so long as Faramir was alive to produce heirs. I think he would have no problem at all adhering to the letter of Denethor's request while denying him an heir.

Lisa wrote: Actually, Imhiriel reminded me of something I wondered about before. Would Boromir have known Heth was barren? After all, like his relationship with Andra, its not exactly common knowledge. I got the impression from Visions that he didn't know, which is why he amuses himself by briefly contemplating Denethor's reaction if he married her. Of course, given that he's not thinking about it seriously anyway, I could be wrong.

No, he's not privy to that bit of information, but if you recollect his musing in Visions, where he talks about sleeping with Heth chaste as a brother and sister, he would have no intention of sleeping with her. And that's not from distaste (I actually think Heth might be as appealing to him as a woman could be, her being somewhat mannish), but rather his acknowledgment that she had been tortured and raped by the orcs and would not want to have sex with anyone. His thoughts on the matter would be that they got along well as friends, so marrying her would not be difficult, and that since she's not interested in sex, she probably wouldn't care where he went to take care of his needs. So he could marry according to his father's dictates, give Heth a huge boost in status, not produce any children and have Andra all to himself. Win-win all around.

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