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The Best-Loved Son cycle

 February, 23 2006

Anything dealing with this cycle of stories can be discussed here: Andra and Boromir as a couple, the Denethor/Imrahil/Andrahar rivalry, the politics of Gondor in the last days of the Third Age.

Did Tolkien mention that homosexuality is accepted in Elven society? If not, well, it can be surmised, or not surmised, as the storyteller wishes.

I think that Aragorn would overhaul some of Gondor's laws, not all, and with the cooperation/input of Faramir and to some extent Imrahil.

I could see Aragorn removing the penalties for sodomy between adults on the grounds of fairness and decency rather than a necessarily Elven influence.

I would think that the first legal issue Aragorn should tackle, more imnportant than the homosexuality laws, would be the laws of Kingly Succession. If Aragorn were to take a tumble from Roheryn and not awaken, or get in the way of an arrow before Arwen delivers a son, Kin-strife can rear its ugly head, especially if Arwen has a daughter. In Aragorn's place, I'd do some investigating and changing of the succession laws, Gondor needs it more. Also, many sons of land-holders and lords have perished; does land without a male heir revert to the returned king, or should Gondorian laws of succession expand to include descendants from female lines? (there's a precedent in the Steward's line, of a Steward who died without sons and his heir being his sister's son - another reason why Faramir's decision to accept Aragorn's claim was wise)

RAKSHA, being contrary

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