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The Best-Loved Son cycle

 February, 23 2006

Anything dealing with this cycle of stories can be discussed here: Andra and Boromir as a couple, the Denethor/Imrahil/Andrahar rivalry, the politics of Gondor in the last days of the Third Age.

Rebecca wrote: I don't know where to best address comments to the chapters you've posted for the current writing project, but since Imrahil, Denethor & Andrahar feature heavily, this seemed like a good place.

I think it's just fine.

I saw that you put in a caveat at the top of the third chapter, that you weren't too sure about Denethor. I thought the confrontation between him and Imrahil was very well done. It was nice to see a more aggressive, edgier side to Imrahil -- barking at the clerk, having to hold himself in check lest he throttle Denethor.

That was all the new stuff. In the original, pre-Discovery version, he had been carefully conciliatory all the way through. But at that point, he hadn't been blackmailed, threatened with death for Andra or any of it. I re-wrote parts of it extensively yesterday before I posted it, and I think that the inclusion of the edgier Imrahil actually solved a couple of flow issues I had before.

but here I think you did a fine job showing that Denethor wasnt' just a mean-spirited lunatic, but was an intelligent, lonely, and heavily burdened man who was out-of-touch with the world around him, and the practical aspect of the danger that approached. I don't know if I'd call that foreshadowing, or just illustrating the likely earliest manifestations of Denethor's final descent into madness and despair, but however you look at it I thought it well done.

I am very happy to hear this! I did want it to just hint at the fact that he's not too tightly wrapped at this point, that he's worn out and grief-stricken. I don't like Denethor, but I think what PJ did to him in the movie was an abomination. In Hethverse, I think he's always been envious about Imrahil's easy rapport with Faramir and Boromir, he is aware that the three of them all conspire together to get around his authority from time to time and he hates that.

Imrahil really isn't very nice here-letting Denethor think that he has foreseen something without answering him is a bit of a cheap shot, but then, he's very vexed at his failure to rescue Faramir.

My typically long-winded way of saying I thought it fit well.


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