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The Silver Swan

 February, 23 2006

The place for discussion about Hethlin's new adventures.

Denise wrote: Following up on Nargil's esquire question above, I had a few questions in the same line I'll bring over from the monster thread: What is the regular class vs. whatever Hethlin was in before in Dol Amroth Yule?

Andrahar was training Hethlin seperately from the other esquires when she first arrive in Dol Amroth. The others have a group arms practice.

How many esquires are typically in the program from year to year?

It varies. There's not really a set number-some of it depends on how many nobles have sent their sons to train and some of it depends on who Andra and Imri think is worthy. They won't let people in just to make up a set quota.

And what is the usual age range?

The youngest start training at sixteen. It can go up to about thirty for the men-at-arms who've distinguished themselves. So Heth is not a real abberation in terms of age at least.

Also, Altariel's Nuzgul aside, it would be great to watch some of the interaction between Imrahil and Eomer now that they are back in Edoras. Eomer teased Imrahil terribly in CMC (the old ladies' horse, etc.), and I'd love to know how Imrahil retaliates. Somehow, I can't see him letting any good opportunities slide by... Don't know that it can be fit into Silver Swan, of course - just a hopeful comment. :)

Imrahil and Eomer are going to be doing something together in Silver Swan, something they cook up while Aragorn is taking the others north. But I won't say more than that. Haven't decided about the form Imrahil's retaliation will take, or when he'll take it. He might wait until the day he's got Eomer on his home ground. Perhaps that's why poor Eomer ends up on that boat in the drabble...Imri's a patient fellow, he can wait for the right time.

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