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The Silver Swan

 February, 23 2006

The place for discussion about Hethlin's new adventures.

Rebecca wrote: If anyone feels that the things I migrated to the start of this new journal entry don't belong, let Isabeau know and I believe she can remove them... no?

Yes, I can. But these all look like they're in the right place.

Here's a question I had about Amrothos in Silver Swan that I think was overlooked in the Monster thread: he's very determined to quiz the elves about all manner of things. How much time had he spent in Edhellond?

I don't think any of Imrahil's children have spent much time in Edhellond. 'Chiron has had the most contact. None of them had what Imrahil had, which was a couple of months there when his dreaming gift was out of whack.

And remember, the Elves of Edhellond live in a much different manner than do the Elves of Lorien. I think Amrothos has a childhood fascination with treehouses that never went away...

Also, in CMC Amrothos was keen to examine the broken gate of Minas Tirith, and had wanted to know if it had been broken by magical or physical means. I got the impression from that (although obviously just my interpretation, perhaps stemming from my love of science geeks) Amrothos isn't interested in pursuing magic -- is that so?

That is absolutely correct. As well as being a bit of a salute to Sherlock Holmes, 'Rothos is my representative of the new, rational age of Men that is to come. The passing of the Elves to me is the passing of magic as well. Which idea I really hate, and makes me sad, though the men of 'Rothos' sort are also capable of miracles of another sort. And horrors as well. He may find out a bit about that some day.

Oh, one more new organization question, repeating Denise: should Blackbow, CMC, and All Things Hethlin go in this discussion, or will there be other journal topics devoted to stories, ala Isabeau & Altariel's website?

I started some new threads, as per you folks' suggestions. Does this seem to cover things, or do you want some more? The Monster Thread can always remain as a general forum-I'm going to sift through it a bit at a time, so it should shrink considerably after a while.

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