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The Ailos and "Sunny" story - okay, now where?

 June, 28 2011

In 2009, I wrote "Beyond the Pale," about two teenaged recruits who abandoned Pelargir. One was from Harad, one from Lebennin. In 2011, for B2MEM, I tried expanding their sto


In 2009, I wrote "Beyond the Pale," about two teenaged recruits who abandoned Pelargir. One was from Harad, one from Lebennin. In 2011, for B2MEM, I tried expanding their story. Still trying to figure out how to do so successfully. Wanna help?

Starlight said: That is part of what makes they situation so fascinating: they really are stuck together, aren't they? They loath each other, but they need each other... which one will win in the end?

I have a shiny quarter that might answer that question, Anton Chigurh style...

Actually, I'm pretty sure they're in no danger of killing each other. If they could've done that, one of them would've done it back in Beyond the Pale. They are where they are because they're not killers. Doesn't mean they don't have issues!

Your image reminded me a little of "Life of Pi," and conjures up a lot of visceral reactions.

I've heard of the book, but not actually read it, though the title intrigues me.

Maybe it's Tolkien, maybe it's partly me and the fact that I live near water, and maybe it's just a skewed sense of what I'm writing, but it seems to me that the sea and water settings have been kind of prominent in the past year or two. I'm wondering whether it's a trend, and if so, what's really behind it. In this case the sea imagery has been there for awhile, since I started thinking about how their story could end. Not sure what it'll precipitate, though, if I can get them down to the Bay of Belfalas.

Ails is a ranger, right?

Not in the sense that Faramir or Aragorn are Rangers. He's just one of the shepherd kids levied and sent off to Minas Tirith. He can shoot for his supper and sling stones to keep predators away from his flock. He knows how to camp outside in good weather at least. But he isn't a fighter otherwise.

I was thinking that a small, coastal town would be just as foreign to both of them and require a lot of adaptation. So, even though they are still in Gondor, it's an entirely new life for both (?) For some reason, I don't see Jhanar being assimilated into everyday life in Harad...

It would be foreign. Really, anywhere they settle is going to feel weird and require them to adapt. A big city has the advantage that there are populations who could potentially absorb them both more easily, and still let them stay together. A coastal town or village would be much harder to enter, no matter which side of the border it was on, and it'd be a good bet that one of them wouldn't be able to communicate with anyone living there.

Harad would be really tough for Jhanar and Ailos, both.

I have no idea about how far could he make it but would you like me to find out? Are you thinking of having him seen by a healer? Maybe someone in Pelargir can take pity on him?

If I can keep him from bleeding out, or getting sick, or starving, I think he'll be okay, which was part of why the raft idea was attractive. Hungry? Drop a line over the edge. Thirsty? There's water. They cover ground faster than they could on foot, with much less expenditure of energy and strain, which gives Jhanar the chance to rest and heal.

As to having Jhanar seen by somebody, that'd be good, I just have to find someone who can and will help them and place that person in their paths. It's possible I could have them stay overnight with the woman in Pelargir, and have her both take a look at Jhanar's injury, and then smuggle them out when it's safe to do so.

Oof, my brain's shutting down, so I think I'm going to have to stop. But again, lots to think about!

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