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The Ailos and "Sunny" story - okay, now where?

 June, 28 2011

In 2009, I wrote "Beyond the Pale," about two teenaged recruits who abandoned Pelargir. One was from Harad, one from Lebennin. In 2011, for B2MEM, I tried expanding their sto


In 2009, I wrote "Beyond the Pale," about two teenaged recruits who abandoned Pelargir. One was from Harad, one from Lebennin. In 2011, for B2MEM, I tried expanding their story. Still trying to figure out how to do so successfully. Wanna help?

I would love to see Jhanar's thoughts on reaching the sea!

Me, too!

Whe else in M-could they go, though? Further south would put them in enemy territory. Is there a way to get them somewhere up north?

That is the crux of the matter: where would they go, where they would be welcome? They're deserters. No one is going to want them about, but if that's so, they can't very well settle apart from each other. Who else would they have, if not each other?

I think this is why the sea option is often coupled with images of them just lying on the raft. They could be dead, for all I know. On the other hand, sometimes they're clearly conscious, so I don't know. I don't know how this will end. Will they live? Will they die? Will one of them live? If so who, and where?

somehow they manage to earn their pardon, thereby able to stay in Gondor (though Jhanar would likely have to stay as well. I doubt that Nara rim would ever receive him now).

If they stay in Gondor, I see one of two options: (1) they settle in a large, coastal city in the south, like Pelargir or Dol Amroth, where there are populations of Haradrim who could take Jhanar in and understand him. He can't live among people his whole life and be totally unable to communicate. (2) They end up in a small, isolated village of new immigrant Haradrim, where again, Jhanar can be understood and have a shot at making a life for himself. I'm not sure, though, whether Ailos would then be able to stay there, since he doesn't speak Haradric.

They can't go back to Lebennin, though. Neither of them gets to go home again.

If they were to go back to Harad... I suppose it's possible that at a certain point, politically, he might be welcome for having had the foresight to withdraw support from Sauron's army, but I doubt it. If they end up in Harad, it'll probably have to be among Haradric dissidents of some sort.

There's also the problem of health: Jhanar's got that leg injury, which really slows him down. I'm not a doctor, so my ability to estimate how far is too far is not very good. But GOndor isn't a small country, and I'm not sure whether even Dol Amroth is just too far for them to make it on foot, or even on raft (how much skill would two land-locked kids have with a raft if they made it out onto the bay?)

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