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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

Rebecca - I have been a lurker on these isabeau/hethlin forums for a few months, reading snatchings of postings which will give me a clue of whether Silver Swan will be updated or when indeed the 'who is best with Heth to make a nest' competition gets heated..for instance the Imrahil camp *which is very strong* the Elrohir camp e.t.c. It is with undue testament though that after 3 years (the first time I read CMC in my freshman year) of hoping for Elrohir and Heth will bond together that I hang up my metaphorical hat.

Firstly after reading much fan-fanficiton isabeau's characterisation of Elrohir is the most beautiful *I think* and realistic depiction of any Elf out there. Which I say Isabeau shows the greatness of your writing. For we are all And to make a main elf character come alive is quite a other tolkien fandom writer has done so. He is what I think Elrohir is, he literally comes alive for me. And ofcourse Heth is just an amazing strong strongly rendered as Elizabeth Bennet or Jane Eyre - but ofcourse better with the sword!

But here is what draws me to post the past few days...and why I hang my hat and defer to the 'man camp'. For after reading fourth is without doubt that Heth will not bear the child of way will Eldarion bind himself to a first cousin - that is incest. And so with much a due I look foward to seeing the friendship that Elrohir and Heth will probably share in the future stories...but my heart is sad, for I truly rooted and believed that they truly have a beautiful and lasting bonding that would be a pleasure for both of them - and ofcourse for me to read!

p.s Isabeau I truly trust that in your judgement as an author and where you would take your characters...but as A.S Byatt said her characters only come alive when they start acting independently from your vision. Not that I am pressuming anything but I thought you to be more interested in Tolkiens 'atani' world's of gondor etc, but Elrohir it seemd in CMC had a will beyond you the in secret I hoped he might challenge the plan you had for Heth and win her begruding acceptance that they should 'nest'. Anyway thanks for you wonderful stories.

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