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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

dpetrash wrote:
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, Isabeau!
Thanks! The same to all of you!
(dpetrash)And thanks for passing on the portrait request to E.W. I hope her muse is inspired by the scene from S.S. Ch.2, with Andra and Glorfindel facing off after "double kill" is called! Maybe with Imri/Heth/Faramir/Elrohir/etc. in the background watching? Or is that a little too blatant attempt to get all my favorite fanfic characters in one picture? (Hee!)
Well, I passed it on. Not promising anything but we were looking at models tonight. I don't know if you'll get the whole group, but she does like drawing Glorfindel and perhaps that particular image will appeal to her.
(dpetrash) In that interest, I'll repost my question(s) from the review of Silver Swan, Ch. 3:
So if Imrahil and Heth did get married or become lovers, could they speak mind to mind or at least sense something of each other? (Their mind skills would seem to be a rather unique ability in both their cases - a remnant of purer-than-usual elven/Numenorean strain?)
That's what I'm thinking. I don't know if they could speak mind-to-mind-Imrahil doesn't possess that particular gift like Elrohir does. They might be able to sense something of each other though, have a sort of empathic connection.
(dpetrash)I am pulling rather hard for Imri and Heth, even though he's now the one being unfairly possessive instead of Faramir. (Not until after her training is complete though, and she's gotten some experience in command maybe, as this is truly an opportunity for development she would not get again.) Would he be more relaxed if he hadnít professed his love to Heth, I wonder? He wasn't nearly so moody when first meeting with Hethlin after his proposal.
That was something I think was an act of desperation and against his own better judgement. And I think he believes that if Heth goes North he won't ever see her again. He's pretty sure that once she gets up there, she'll stay and marry some Northern man, if Elrohir doesn't succumb. So his current moodiness is because he is fearing a permanent parting from a woman he loves.
(dpetrash)>Until he gives up on Heth accepting his suit...<
Uh, oh. Is that a sad foreshadowing for us Imrahil/Heth pullers? :(
Not at all. Don't worry about that.

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