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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

January 7, 2006

It’s certainly fun discussing all the possibilities with other “Unabeauverse” fans! Even when, in the end, Isabeau and friends will write what they want anyway!


It sure is! I haven't got either the time or the guts to write fiction of my own, and I don't read fanfiction widely -- I probably wouldn't read it at all if not for the fact that one of the first stories I came across (serendipitously, while googling to look up some small detail about Gondor that I couldn't remember from reading the books eons ago) was Isabeau's Captain My Captain. I didn't even realize that fanfiction existed -- just not on my radar at all.

And while I've been rather forward in voicing my opinions about what should happen for Hethlin and Imrahil, I have absolute faith that whatever Isabeau decides (or has already decided) will be right and ring true. That's what is so impressive about her writing, I feel like she's genuinely interested in exploring Tolkien's characters further, filling in the parts of stories that he left out, in a way that for me keeps true to their original characterizations. Her original characters, like Hethlin & Andrahar in particular, are interesting and worthwhile in their own right, which in my view justifies their existence. For example I don't feel like Hethlin's relationship with Elrohir, or Andrahar's with Boromir, pull either E. or B. "out of character." I love the idea of Brand, Iron Lady Tirathiel, bookworm Nimrien. I love that barely-named-by-Tolkien Amrothos is an explosives expert and inventor of shorthand. I like that men have qualities and abilities in their own right, things that aren't always eclipsed by the glorious Elves. The Elves leaving Middle Earth is still sad, but won't leave ME impoverished and without potential.

Isabeau leaves Tolkien's world with its joys and unavoidable sadnesses intact; just more richly detailed. That's why I've been such a devoted reader. My impatience to see a new love interest for Imrahil is only due to how he tugs at my heartstrings with every new chapter -- I don't want him to have to wait for two more years for even a chance at finding some joy with Hethlin, a woman in love with his nephew and soul-bonded to a half-elf who's not convinced that Valinor is the place for him. But I totally trust Isabeau & her collaborators to do right by him, and all the other characters they choose to draw in finer & more personal detail than Tolkien often did.

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