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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

You know, I think I would add to Rebecca’s #4 above, that Heth’s soul-bond with Elrohir would be even more of an issue than Faramir being her first love. How galling can it be to think of a former lover being able to speak mind-to-mind with your wife? An intimacy you can’t share? It’s the main reason I’m curious as to Heth and Imrahil’s potential in this area.

But still, even while seeing all those serious issues clearly, I can’t help but hope for the two of them to get together in a few years. In large part I think this is due to my perception that Imrahil is the only mortal in Gondor who is worthy of who Heth can become (at least that Isabeau has introduced to us so far) – and that just barely! She’s a direct descendant from Elendil on both sides of her family tree, from two ancient Northern houses. Her very heritage would seem to demand that she be comfortable moving in the “cultured” circles her birthright calls for. Plus, in a world of relative peace, diplomacy would seem to become even more critical than skills on a battlefield. So I think that Aragorn may have all this in mind as much as being able to guard Arwen in certain situations – using his position as one of her close male relatives to develop her full potential as both warrior and noblewoman, and have her be able to serve the kingdom in ways she can’t imagine yet. Of course, Andra pretty much already said this in Silver Swan, so I’m not voicing an original thought here. And I think her character is such that she could achieve much of what is needed fairly quickly - in time for she and Imrahil to have at least a somewhat more balanced relationship.

Plus, I think that given Heth’s dangerous profession and the prophesies we’ve seen thus far (esp. Faramir’s vision in CMC Ch. 18 and Heth’s experience with Galadriel’s mirror) that she may need to have an heir on the ground sooner rather than later, and this would actually be more of a impediment to her military career than her being married. In fact, she might have more freedom with Imrahil than anyone else: she wouldn’t be mother to his heir and thus need to be “protected” for the principality’s sake, and the family’s wealth and position would insure that her kids would be well-cared for in times that she is off fighting.

It’s certainly fun discussing all the possibilities with other “Unabeauverse” fans! Even when, in the end, Isabeau and friends will write what they want anyway!

Speaking of writing, I like Nargil’s thought on Hethlin visiting Arnor (if not for the first time, perhaps) on Aragorn’s trip to Lake Evendim. Imladris, the Shire, maybe the Havens? Another story begging to be told – eventually. :)

Also, I like Dwim’s comments about Aragorn in her 12/31 Silver Swan review. I hadn’t seen it in that light when I read the story. But then I started thinking – the King is a wily and canny man. Was that really just a sneaky manipulation on his part? To make it sound like, “Oh, yes, you can go North if you want,” while at the same time painting the Swan Knights as a once-a-lifetime challenge that Heth couldn’t turn down? Suddenly it seemed like he’d just found the perfect way for her to do what he wanted, without her ending up resenting him when her life gets really really difficult. “Hey, it was your choice, Heth!” Hmmm…

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