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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

Re: The Halaran question. Halaran's independence and tendency to be a loner stick out a bit for me as to why he would settle where he did. The Dunedain seem to be a pretty independent lot, not a lot of oversight in their daily lives, and MT was so aloof that no interference was forthcoming even when Anorien did want it. And it had trees and mountains nearby, which he would have been used to. My impression is that most of Rohan was grassland until Fangorn, and while perhaps as sparsely settled as Anorien there was plenty of contact with the Mark riders. Plus, Gondor was still part of Aragorn's kingdom-to-be, and maybe Halaran wanted to be close at hand if the King needed assistance upon his hoped-for return? Rohan would be under another liege altogether. Also, Isabeau had Litharel bring up the thought that Halaran might have wanted to force the prophecy with the Witch King, in which case he would have wanted to be closer to Mordor, but not so close that he put his family into immediate danger. Does any of that strike a chord?

Still seems hard that he did not have much if any contact with the Eagles, but then they are so long-lived that perhaps 15-20 years didn't seem like much of a gap to them? And was the rift with the Dunedain so bad that Halaran and his family would have absolutely no contact, even with Aragorn? Once Halaran moved his family to Anorien, it would seem like all the burden of initiating contact would have been on him and his wife, since the other Dunedain did not travel that land and would have no idea how to find them. I don't have any ideas about that stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions, Isabeau! Its so enjoyable to get these back stories and extra details about the Unabeauverse.

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