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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

Re: the discussion about Heth and her potential mates. Some really good points as usual! I don’t think that there’s anything concrete I can offer for or against either Elrohir or Imrahil as Heth’s “optimum” mate. Both in their own ways would be good for her, and I can see her being quite happy with either one, and both being good husbands and fathers (although Elrohir would have more lifestyle adjustments to make). Certainly, I think my bias for Imrahil probably developed, at least initially, from the fact that I felt Isabeau was pointing toward him as Heth’s eventual mate. (I’m using Faramir’s vision in CMC as the main justification here.) Once I got used to the idea, I liked it too much to give way in my heart to Elrohir (or anyone else for that matter). So in any discussion my bias will be showing and thus I don’t know how strongly any points I make against Elrohir could/should be considered anyway.

I think Imrahil is definitely more emotionally mature than Elrohir, primarily because he has seemed to overcome any doubts about his place in life and what his gifts are. I think the point about Elrohir being in arrested development because elves have “all the time in the world” to be a very good point, and if he found himself looking at mortality with Hethlin he would probably shape up quickly.

A thought I haven’t seen voiced yet is that for quite some time I have seen Heth as a female parallel to Aragorn. Being somewhat close kin on her mother’s side and having an illustrious paternal line, it is not surprising they share many strengths. (A side note: Can you imagine what Heth would be like if SHE had been raised in Imladris and honed by northern Dunadain? Gondor would not have known what hit it….) However, to have both of them marry an offspring of Elrond carries just too many similarities, and I would like Heth to make her way a little more separately of Aragorn’s example. Of course, this is primarily a literary reason and not a personal one for Heth.

As per Erchirion, I think that the glimpses Isabeau has shown us don’t necessarily conflict with the nice guy Altariel wrote in “Adrift.” From her intro to “Dol Amroth Yule” (that part of it may be incorporated into the Heth series), I have never considered the story to be completely “canon” yet. Besides, Imrahil was always kind to everyone, even when he was a carousing playboy. And certainly there is previous family example of the right woman turning a Dol Amroth royal around! But I do see Imrahil as being more well-rounded and balanced than Erchirion. (Another side note: Each of Imrahil’s children seem to have inherited and honed portions of Imri’s personality and strengths: warrior, sailor, scholar and compassionate charmer. But Imrahil has them all.) Erchirion would still fit into Faramir’s vision, but I also see it as being an incredibly difficult situation for Imrahil and awkward for Hethlin, at least for the first while, even if Imrahil eventually suppressed/got over his love for Hethlin and somehow found another worthy woman. Not that she couldn’t still cause trouble between Erchirion and Imrahil, mind you.

An besides, Gwaenaur liked Imrahil! ;)

No matter what, I think our dear Heth is going to hurt someone. I’m not going to like that either, no matter that it seems unavoidable. But such is angst.

As far as this discussion ever being pointless – no way! Aside from being fun and helping flesh out the characters for us, Isabeau has admitted to being in the midst of editing CMC. It would only take a few subtle changes to point things in different directions (though she has kept it fairly ambiguous anyway). If you were going to try to change her mind, now is the time! But then Altariel would have to rewrite Sensibility....

One other point I just thought of: Fourth Age does raise another issue against Heth and Elrohir building a nest together. If Aragorn and Arwen’s son marries Heth’s daughter, then they would be first cousins if Elrohir was the girl’s father. Not an impossibility, especially among royalty, but probably unusual.

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