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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

Here's the timeline for what Dwim calls the "Unabeau-verse", which I promised to post took a while to throw together. I'm including Soledad's stories as well, though by her own admission she doesn't strictly follow my timeline, and we have differing views of the origins of Imrahil's mother. But they're great stories and Andra and my Imri are in them, so I put them in.

Dwim, Una, feel free to correct anything I got wrong.

2970--Chapter Ten of Kin-Strife (Isabeau)
2971--? Pawns and Symbols (Soledad)
2974/2975--Kin-Strife (Isabeau)
2975--At Sea (Altariel)
2985--Ultimatums (Isabeau)
Sometime between now and 3006--Outcasts (Soledad)
2988--Lady of Silences (Altariel)
2990--Possessions (Altariel), Events of the Stargazers challenge; The Eagle and the Swan, The Sickle of the Valar (Altariel)
2994--The King Is Dead (Altariel)
2997--The Best Gift of All (Isabeau)
2998--Revelations (Dwimordene)
3003--Motherless (Isabeau)
3006--Proof (Altariel)
December 3006--Discretion (Isabeau)
3008--Seaside Conversations 1 (Soledad)
3009--Cage No Bird (Isabeau)
3012--Trust (Dwimordene)
May 3015--Beginning of Blackbow (Isabeau)
December 3017--Lossarnach Yule (Isabeau-WIP)
July 3018--Discovery, Visions (Isabeau), In Extremis (Dwimordene), Disclosure (Altariel)
December 3018--A Pale Light Lingering (Altariel).
March 3019--
Well-Favored (Isabeau)
Death By Water, What The Thunder Said, The Burial Of The Dead, The Fire Sermon, Through A Glass , Flame of the West, Fear of Flying(Altariel)
Face of the Enemy (Soledad)
Last Rites (Isabeau)
Captain My Captain (Isabeau) begins.
April 3019--Adrift (Altariel)
Lithe 3019--CMC 42
Midyear Day 3019--CMC 43, 44
Lithe 3019--CMC 45
3019--Seaside Conversations 2 (Soledad)
July 3019--CMC 46-53, Musing (Isabeau)
Aftermath (Altariel and Isabeau)
Silver Swan (Isabeau-WIP) begins
Aug 3019--Horses and Verses (Altariel and Isabeau)
Sept 3019--Noble Jewel (Isabeau)
Dec 3019--Dol Amroth Yule (Isabeau)
3020 (?)--Black Captain (Altariel)
April 3020--The Lost (Altariel)
Aug 3020-A Game of Chess (Altariel) begins.
Mar/Apr 3023/F.A.2-- In A Stone City (Altariel)
July/Aug 3023/F.A.2-- A Game of Chess (Altariel) concludes.
December 3023/F.A.2--Sensibility (Altariel-not yet published)
Somewhere in here?--The Machine that Changed the World (Altariel)
3029/F.A.8--A Kind of Valediction, In Memoriam (Altariel)
July 3035/F.A.14--Inheritance (Altariel)
July/Aug 3036/F.A.15--Fair Game (Altariel)
Somewhere in here?--Flowers of the Forest, Memorial (Altariel)
F.A.72--Late Fragment (Altariel)
F.A.122--Fourth Age (Isabeau)
Multiple times--The Permanent Stars (Altariel)
The Last Log of the Foam-Flyer (Isabeau-WIP)

Jeez, this represents a LOT of writing!

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