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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

Wow, Isabeau, I just read Stud Fee, which was the only of your stories (that I know of) that I haven't read yet. I hesitated to read it for a while, because while consensual encounters between Andrahar and Boromir (or Imri), or other characters whose homosexuality or bisexuality is plausible doesn't trouble me in the least, a coerced encounter between Eomer and Elladan made me squeamish. Eomer, especially as you've characterized him (and I'm one of those who, having read your stories, finds it impossible to think of Middle Earth now without your characterizations & original characters), is so straight.

But it really worked -- and was definitely hot! Wow! And it finally shed some light on the enigma that is Elladan. Oooo, I like him. He is masterful and cool and very very sexy.

I'm very glad you liked it, Rebecca. It was my very first piece of slash fiction, and I wrote it as a birthday prezzie for Soledad, who had requested an encounter between Eomer and Elladan. Like you said, I think Eomer is totally straight, so I was having trouble envisaging getting him into bed in a way that didn't violate my conception of Elves and their character. I got to thinking of what could possibly tempt Eomer...and came up with a very special horse. After tht, the title and the framework for the story came pouring right out.

It wasn't ever supposed to be published, but she persuaded me to do it eventually. It's also one of the few things of mine that my husband has read. I told him it was smutty, and he didn't believe me...

Can't remember if I put it in the timeline or not, but for a long time I was adamant that it wasn't part of the Hethverse. Now I'm not so sure. It is a piece I'm rather fond of.

Regardless of where Hethlin ends up, or with whom, I hope you'll someday find a way to give us the story of Elladan returning the Eagle's feather.

I'll put it on my list of things to mull over.


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