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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

Isabeau wrote: I like your new name, Rebecca! And I've been enjoying the conversation very much. Sorry I've been quiet.

Thanks, Isabeau! Rather unimaginatively, I picked a close-ish translation of the original Hebrew meaning of Rebecca ("bound" or "to bind"). As for your participation in these discussions, I think the general consensus is that the more time you get to devote to your writing, the happier we your loyal readers are!

Plus I'm uncomfortably aware of the fact that I'm asserting my interpretations/opinions/preferences regarding characters that you have created. I'm pleased as punch, and grateful, that you've responded here!

I feel very sorry for poor Elrohir, he's caught between the proverbial rock and the hard place.

I concur, 100%.

There wasn't going to be any way he was going to leave for Valinor when his father left, he simply wasn't ready, and that argument was only exacerbated when he took up with Hethlin. I am sure that Elrond was certain when that happened that he was going to lose Elrohir and probably by extension Elladan. I would like to have been a fly on the mallorn for possible conversations between Elrond and his father-in-law-Celeborn.

Oh yeah -- me too! My bet is that Elrond would come out of it with a new appreciation for a perspective besides his own on the matter of Valinor. I would also be willing to bet that Galadriel remained silent throughout the exchange.

Celeborn might have come in for a bit of grief since Elrond might believe that his decision to remain has only encouraged his grandsons' recalcitrance. (Drat! Where did that nuzgul come from?)

Down nuzgul, down!

Yeah, Celeborn almost certainly would be seen as being less-than-helpful by Elrond. I've always liked Celeborn, and I like how he appears in your stories.

And a really big obstacle between Elrohir and Heth having anything lasting is Heth herself. She sees loving him as a death sentence and she doesn't want to kill him. She doesn't have the First-born appreciation for death, she's mired deep in that Numenorean fear of it. It's no gift to her and no favor to him that she can see. She believes that his destiny as an Elf is far superior to anything he could have with her.

Oh, yes, I've always understood that. My interpretation is that it was part and parcel of her emotional immaturity, somewhat akin to a typical modern teen's wish to be unique while at the same time just wanting to be like all of her peers.

Whether or not Hethlin ever comes to see death as a gift rather than a curse (that would be a tall order, given the prevailing Numenorean perspective; I wonder what Aragorn thinks about it? Faramir?), if she were to ever have a chance at lasting love with Elrohir, it seems like she first would need to value herself much more than she did during CMC, and would at the same time need to appreciate that just because her life intersects with someone else's doesn't mean that all of their subsequent actions/choices would be her responsibility. That's where I see the contradictory parallel with a modern teen: Heth needs to realize that she is important and worthwhile, but isn't so important that she'd be single-handedly responsible for changing anyone's destiny but her own.

I hope she'll come to see that, no matter who she ends up with!

He'd have to be very persuasive to get her to change her mind about this. Melting elf-puppy-dog eyes just wouldn't do it. I'm not saying it couldn't ever happen, just that it would take a very long time and a lot of persuasion.

Yeah, no doubt! But who wouldn't want to see those elven puppy eyes in action?

I'm hoping the MEFAs will give me the impetus in the next month to finish at least one of my WIPS. Blackbow and Kin-Strife probably have the best chance, and after that Ultimatums. Dwimordene is pushing hard for the latter, and I would really like to oblige her if I could.

Hard to argue with Dwimordene -- I really enjoy Ultimatums! I think after CMC/SS it's my favorite of your stories.

After that I could go back to Silver Swan or start White Eagle. Which is what I'd really like to do at present, because Heth's career in Dol Amroth isn't as interesting to me at present as the war in Erebor, which is full of dramatic happenings and which I've sort of been working myself up to in Passages.

Yay! I agree that Hethlin in Dol Amroth is kind of uninteresting. She could be up to so much more in the North! And if Imrahil wants to come along with her so that Denise and lots of other folks will be happy on the romance front, I'll be following the story just as avidly as I would if her heart were engaged elsewhere! ;-) My strongest feeling is that Hethlin's story really seems to belong in the North. Whether or not she ends up with Elrohir is less important to me (although obviously I like the idea of that pairing); although I have felt it incumbent upon me to defend the poor guy, since everyone seemed to write him off as utterly implausible for Hethlin. I really love your depiction of their interactions ... I relish more of them! Even if they don't end up together in the long run.

Good luck with your writing -- I look forward to the updates!

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