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Altariel's Journal
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Best Loved Sons Wiki

 June, 9 2010

I have started a Wiki for the Unabeauverse. You can see it here. The idea is to build a little encyclopaedia of all the characters, places, and everything elses that appear in the stories by me, Isabeau, Dwim and Soledad.

But I need help! It would be brilliant if you came and jumped into the sandbox and helped build a few castles.

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 [1] Oh, this is really cool!! I love this sort of stuff and as school ends Friday I may have a few minutes to poke around here...

Posted:Jun 10, 2010 00:51 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [2] Please do, Radbooks! It's really fun to play with.

Posted:Jun 10, 2010 01:48 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [3] There are now a massive fifty entries on the Best Loved Sons Wiki - everybody welcome!

Posted:Jun 16, 2010 12:58 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [4] Hello Altariel,

What an awesome resource! I've looked through the entries a bit, and I'm not sure I understand how much detail is sought for characters. Not to be a nerdy pest, but if you could point to an example entry that has the desired amount of info, it would be helpful to have that model. I know that some folks have already dived in and made entries ... perhaps I'm just a bit silly in wanting some guidance.



Posted:Jun 16, 2010 21:07 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [5] Hi Gwidhiel! It's looking good isn't it?! :-) I quite understand about having an entry to look through, I need exactly the same kind of templates when I write, particularly non-fiction.

To some extent it depends on how often a character has appeared, but some good entries are Peloren and perhaps Angrim. I think that entries on people like Andrahar, Imrahil, and Hethlin would easily get longer than this, however, to cover everything significant.

A shorter entry that covers most of what's known about a character is Leof's entry, but I bet I've missed some points of interest there (I think Leof gets a passing mention in some later stories, for example, information that we can extrapolate from passing comments by other characters).

Mostly I'd say - go for it! If something strikes you as important to mention about the character, then put it down. Hope you enjoy playing with it!

Posted:Jun 17, 2010 04:14 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [6] Hi Altariel,

Never worked with a wiki before, but I do have family trees for all of Tolkien's characters... so I modified some for the Unabeauverse. You can find them in the entries for Andrahar, Aragorn, …owyn (& …omer), Faramir, Hethlin, Imrahil, and Nimrien.

- Barbara

Elena Tiriel
Posted:Jun 26, 2010 22:38 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [7] Hi Altariel,

This has definitely grown - congratulations!

Never worked with a wiki before, but I do have family trees for all of Tolkien's characters... so I modified some for the Unabeauverse. You can find them in the entries for Andrahar, Aragorn, …owyn (& …omer), Faramir, Hethlin, Imrahil, and Nimrien.

If anyone happens to see any errors, let me know... I can always modify them.

- Barbara

Elena Tiriel
Posted:Jun 26, 2010 22:41 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [8] Erm, sorry about that.... thought the first post got swallowed up.....

- B

Elena Tiriel
Posted:Jun 26, 2010 22:43 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [9] I do have family trees for all of Tolkien's characters... so I modified some for the Unabeauverse.

Squee!! Excellent resource, Barbara! Not that I am surprised, oh brilliant research maven.

I'd sketched one out for Hethlin before, but yours is top-notch. My only difference is that I had Hethlin having more than one child, but I think that was based on comments by Isabeau and not anything actually in a story, so I'm not sure how that should be treated or even considered at all.

Also, Brand can go on Imrahil & Faramir's family trees.

These really are excellent - thank you so much for sharing!

Posted:Jun 27, 2010 13:24 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [10] Hi Denise,

Thank you for your kind words *blush*! The (canon) family trees are actually the first Tolkien research project I did, after becoming lured by the first movie, then bewitched by the books.... and even before being hooked on the HASA Research Library... LOL! In fact, I can now post images there, so this was an experiment in how to prepare them for uploading....

Do you remember where Isabeau said something about Hethlin having multiple children? In one of these forums, maybe, or in a private email? If it's said in a public venue, I will definitely choose to treat it as Unabeauverse. In contrast, if it were additional children for a (Tolkien-)canon character, I would use it *only* if it were said publicly (in either a story or a forum) rather than privately. But Hethlin is as quintessentially Unabeauverse as you can get, so whatever Isabeau says about her, publicly or privately, is canon to me....

Come to think of it, I did browse all the stories listed in the timeline, but didn't think to check all the (long......) forums. Maybe I should just read all of them.... (Um, at least the ones here on TFF, anyway....) Besides, gleaning scattered facts and hints is half the fun, right?

And I missed Brand? BRAND??? One of my favorite characters??? *bangs head on desk*

Hmmmmm.... so, if I add Brand, the 2nd adopted character in the Unabeauverse, I should figure out whether include him (also) on Andrahar's FT, and Andrahar on Adrahil's (which can really complicate them), or just have blood relations in the family trees. In either case, I do have info in Andrahar's box that he was adopted by Adrahil, and I would do the same for Brand.... Not sure which is best....

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback, Denise!

- Barbara

Elena Tiriel
Posted:Jun 27, 2010 20:46 GMT  Reply to this Comment
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