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Mike's Not Altogether Lucid Journal
Various ravings from the publisher, notes from the programming department, and pompous blatherings on Tolkien.

The great thing about running a web site is you don't have to worry about pesky editors reigning you in.

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 March, 3 2010

We have passed 200,000 stories read.

Congrats to all our great authors.


I just looked at the statistics and we are also just past 1 million chapter reads, 1,006,233 to be exact.

Yea us!

I am sad to say that we only have had 1608 reviews posted. A ratio of 125 reads to get one review. Given that it is free, I would hope that people would reinforce our wonderful authors a little more often. It is far less work to write a review than it is to write the story. I know I love getting reviews, I am sure the other authors do as well.

Thanks for participating, authors and readers. You make this site, I just made the software.


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4 replies

 [1] yay!

Thanks so much, Mike, for the great service you provide this community.

Posted:Mar 4, 2010 14:36 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [2] Congratulations, Mike!

Elena Tiriel
Posted:Mar 5, 2010 08:55 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [3] That's brilliant! Congratulations Mike!

Posted:Mar 8, 2010 10:50 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [4] Hip hip, hooray! I love coming here for fanfic - just wish I had more time these days to indulge myself. Thanks for the fantastic site!

Posted:Mar 8, 2010 13:08 GMT  Reply to this Comment

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