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Vauge ramblings and thinking out loud about how Middle-earth would have worked, or how DID the Enterprise run?




 August, 13 2006

How much do we need to know?


My first fandom, without fanfic, was Star Trek; The original. One reason I liked it so much was the amount of work that the production crew did in creating the backstory that the actors used to make the world real. Virtually all of the books on the history of the Federation or the blueprints of the starships started as background material for the actors. What I want to do here is ramble about the Middle-earth I write about. As a start, I will drop in an answer to the question: Does an Elf use a backpack or a sholder bag?

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3 replies

 [1] A backpack.

You can't ride a horse without any tack AND without two straps on the bag.

Gandalfs apprentice
Posted:Aug 14, 2006 01:49 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [2] I think that would depend on if you were mounted or on foot., and if you used a saddle. With a saddle, you can tie your stuff to the horse. Bareback your need a pack or a pack horse. On foot a shoulder bag is easier to manuver through the woods.

In the the early days of the US, Mountain men would use a shoulder bag to carry necessaries, and live off the land. I would think Elves would do much the same on foot. Travel light, carry a bow, eat the food the forest provides as you walk, and sleep on the ground or in a tree. You can roast meat with a stick. Fish can be eaten raw. Berries and other foods are there for those with sharp eyes and woodcraft to find.

Mike Kellner
Posted:Aug 14, 2006 14:35 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [3] I vote for the backpack. I have walked with a shoulder bag and I always hated it that when you bown down to pick something up, it slams to the front and you loose it. A back oack leaves your hands free. Much better for climbing trees or mountains.

Posted:Aug 15, 2006 15:36 GMT  Reply to this Comment

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