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Name the Brat Prince of Gondor

 April, 30 2006

Several of you who have read Fourth Age have asked me what Tel's full name is. I don't know yet. And as Raksha kindly pointed out, why should I come up with a name, when I have all those willing readers out there?

So, if you're interested, here's your chance to name a character in the Hethverse. Give me the name and a brief explanation of why you think it is appropriate. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Tel name-Tel could be short for Telcontar, his last name. Which begs the question-why doesn't Tel use his first name? Is it truly that hideous? So a tasteful name isn't absolutely necessary, and an explanation of why he doesn't like to be called by his name, humorous or not will be appreciated.

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 [11] This is a random idea I'm throwing out there. What if there is an Imrahil-like storyteller in Tell's family, and he, being the bratty child he is, was always demanding stories. So "Tell! Tell!" could be his nickname. Of course, he would tell his drinking buddies a different story.

Posted:Jan 15, 2007 16:57 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [12] Isabeau,

Did you ever decide on Tel's full name?

Posted:Jun 5, 2007 15:36 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [13] Gronyats asked-Did you ever decide on Tel's full name?

No, Gronyats, I'm still mulling the issue. But there were some good discusssions here, and I might adopt one of these all or in part.

Posted:Jun 9, 2007 18:01 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [14] Hello Isabeau!

I've just been rediscovering your stories after several years' break, and stumbled across this... and since it seems I'm not *quite* too late to chime in:

I was going to suggest Telemnar, because that's what I named him in my head the first time I read Fourth Age. But, I never thought to actually look it up until I saw this thread... now I think I know why no-one else suggested it, eep. Talk about ill-omened! Scratch that one off the list...

I also like the idea of an embarrassing first name. Fun if it were Elbereth: Tolkien *did* keep trying to give that name to male characters (it was the original name of first Elured, and later Elrohir, heh) and then changing his mind. It fits with the El- pattern established by Elessar and Eldarion, too.

Just my .02 cents. :o)

Posted:Jun 21, 2007 16:09 GMT  Reply to this Comment
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