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Altariel's Journal
All shall love me and despair



The House of Mardil

 February, 28 2006

A place to discuss my various stories about the equally various Stewards of Gondor and their very various heirs!

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 [11] I love the idea of Raksandhar having a god-demon :-)

Posted:May 6, 2006 06:22 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [12] There were some questions in the reviews for Wizards' Pupils, and here seemed a good place to answer them...

Dwim wrote: *am not gloating* *at all*


What was Gandalf doing hanging about (dangling on Saruman's coattails, I guess) at just the time Saruman was sweeping into town? Had he intended to come and hear Saruman's talk, and to talk strategy with Denethor and Saruman, or was it a 'coincidence' that brought him to Minas Tirith just when Faramir would need him?

Either he heard from Radagast via the bird, or else Saruman mentioned himself that he had a trip to MT coming up, but either way, I think Gandalf thought, "Hmm, I might just drop in on that young boy I met in the library that time..."

So... how's that Galadriel nuzgul?

Not doing as well as a Faramir and Eowyn story that started nibbling me in the shower on Wednesday... The brain is definitely mulling it over, though.

obsidianj wrote: Luckily for Faramir there was this bird. That didn't get send by Mithrandir by any chance?

I have a feeling Radagast might be involved in that somewhere along the line, but I definitely think the bird is in Minas Tirith with Mithrandir, and that he's sent it up to the top circle to gather news about Faramir for him.

Was the parallel on purpose? Faramir was a year away and grew apart from his father. Elboron after a year away grows closer to his father. I like this.

Yes, that parallel was absolutely intended. Symmetry!

Posted:Sep 8, 2007 13:08 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [13] Dwim wrote: *am not gloating* *at all*


You're avenged: LDID decided to come unstuck not three and a half hours ago. Now that I'm worthless and my afternoon's shot, think I'll go get dinner and contemplate how to handle the nuzgul still lurking around these parts.



Posted:Sep 9, 2007 19:46 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [14] Sorry peoples, random question:

I was rereading 'Adrift' when I came across Faramir talking about Boromir's beard, and how he and Denethor ganged up on Boromir until he got rid of it. I remember reading that somewhere, but now I can't find it. Does anybody know which one it is? It might have been a scene from a larger piece, but i can't recall.

Posted:Oct 19, 2008 00:32 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [15] Dwimordene documented these Eight Weeks in a drabble series.

Posted:Oct 21, 2008 08:04 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [16] lol! No wonder I couldn't find it on your profile!

Thanks a lot Altariel!

Posted:Oct 22, 2008 08:02 GMT  Reply to this Comment
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