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Soledad's journal
I was asked to start a journal, so that my readers can ask questions. Well, here it is.
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Sons of Gondor story arc

 February, 27 2006

Everything about my Boromir stories, both canon and AU, about Boromir/Elladan and other important Gondorian people.

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 [1] For those who like Imrahil and Andrahar, I've posted "A Brotherly Gift". It also features Halabor, my very own little Gondorian fishing town and some of its inhabitants.

(Sorry, still unable to comment while logged in... my own fault.)

Posted:Sep 24, 2006 06:47 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [2] Hi, Soledad,

First to restate again how much I liked "A Brotherly Gift." I love these stories-as-presents that all the rest of us get to enjoy, too!

Do you have a particular time/set of years in medieval Europe (or elsewhere) that you draw from when describing Halabor and its people and their way of life? I know that Middle-earth was not meant to replicate one specific real-world time period, but your descriptions are so vivid that I wondered about your own imaginings in this area. Is the keep like one actually in Yvoire? Was [i]Swanwing[/i] based on an existing boat or design?

I'm curious in part because I think I'm now going to be picturing your specific descriptions whenever I read something similar in other stories. (I.e., anyone who writes "The hunting party returned," is going to have me seeing your retinue unless they are pretty specific about it being otherwise. Were/are greyhounds really capable of pulling down a deer?)

If you've already answered questions like this in another forum about Halabor, just let me know and I'll go search them out. Thanks!

Posted:Sep 24, 2006 14:53 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [3] Hi Denise,

I often use the books of Joseph and Frances Gies as reference. They wrote a lot about medieval life. For example, I took most of the information to the hunting party from "Life in a Medieval Castle", and simply put the pieces into a - hopefully proper - narrative. According to them, a greyhound actually could kill a deer on its own. Yvoire's Castle is actually a lot more modern than the one described in the story, at least from the outside. It's in private hands and can't be visited, unfortunately.

I can also recommend "Live in a Medieval City" and "Life in a Medieval Village", although the latter one is a bit harder to read. Another good book on medieval hunting is "The Hound and the Hawk" by John Cummins. "Ivanhoe" by Sir Walter Scott is also a good source, although I wouldn't dare to judge how authentic it is. And Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael stories. She really put a lot of research into her work.

For the oriental part of "A Brotherly Gift", I did a bit of Internet research about oriental rug patterns. There are some wonderful pictures, too. The food stuff is from another Internet site about Arabic food, although halvah is something you can get in every bigger European city with a good percentage of Turkish inhabitants. It's good but abysmally sweet.

"Swanwing" is just a little bit based on smaller Viking ships, but only from afar. Time-wise, I'm rather eclectic, picking pieces from everywhere between the 11th and 13th century, adding the idea of Dúnadan sophistication and just generally mixing it the way the story demands.

I hope that helps. I'm glad you liked the story. :))

Posted:Sep 24, 2006 16:57 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [4] That helped a lot - thank you! *adds several books to the to-read list* Although I don't know when I'll have time to actually read them, I can start looking around for copies. It would be nice to have some references on hand. Your dedication to research and authenticity definitely comes out in the story.

Posted:Sep 25, 2006 16:18 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [5] Oh, I haven't come around to read "The Hound and the Hawk" yet, either. My to-read list grows with frightening speed. *g*

Glad you've grown so fond of Halabor and its inhabitants. I have anoher story in planning, titled "The Young Knights" - theoretically, it should come for Christmas, but, well, it depends on the muse and on how much time I can steal from Real Life. The main character would be Herumor, but it's going to have a lot more canon characters than usual.

Posted:Nov 12, 2006 16:43 GMT  Reply to this Comment

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